Last year, SeamMaster made that statement and this year we are putting our money where our mouth is. SeamMaster has made a significant investment in upgrading our manufacturing and production abilities to produce the new KOOLGLIDE Seaming System.

For over 38 years, SeamMaster Industries has been manufacturing high quality seam tapes that you rely on every day. Over almost 4 decades, we have continuously improved the ART of carpet seaming. Now, SeamMaster is proud to offer you the only new technology in carpet seaming since the hot-melt iron was introduced: the revolutionary KOOLGLIDE Seaming System.

• No odor - No fumes - Consumer Friendly!

• Extend your career and your health by not breathing in iron smoke!

• The most LOW PROFILE tape available to avoid telegraphing problems!

• With no smoke, the KOOLGLIDE Seaming System is perfect for hospitals, high-rise office buildings and homeowners with allergies or health concerns

• No waiting on a heat-up or cool-down cycle!

• Work on top of your carpet! You get to see your seam BEFORE you construct it!

• Simple bonded repairs and custom repairs from the top of the carpet!

• Seams are REVERSIBLE! Easy to correct ledging or gapping problems!

• No fiber distortion from conventional-iron high heat!

• With free training from SeamMaster, your workroom can learn to how to match patterns and create custom borders much easier!

We know this won't be easy for everyone. We remember when Installers had to be dragged kicking and screaming away from their needle and thread. Our commitment to you is a better way: pure and simple. We will come to your location and demonstrate the new KOOLGLIDE Seaming System at no cost. And, if your Installers believe it's as fantastic as we do, we will train them on-site. No strings attached. No commitment necessary. That's how much we believe in our product!

Show your customers that you care about their health and yours. Provide the best installation possible and the least intrusion into their homes and workspace. When used properly, the new KOOLGLIDE Seaming System solves almost all seaming problems and is recommended by SHAW, MOHAWK and MOHAWK UNIVERSITY, BEAULIEU, CARPET ONE, and more!

For more information or to schedule product demonstration and training at your location, please contact SEAM MASTER at 1.800.255.1401 or email