The demolition area of floor covering is the fastest growing and the most profitable part of the flooring industry. Businesses that have added demolition to their services have successfully increased their sales and profits. Money is lost when jobs are turned down because of not having the equipment or the right equipment to do the job. If you've done that, it is probably time to consider purchasing or upgrading your equipment.

Investing in equipment is a complicated decision. There are several considerations that should be addressed when making that buying decision.

Knowing the tearout you did in the past year is extremely helpful (carpet, VCT, etc and the quantity). History will help you with the time/cost so that you know the correct type of equipment to purchase. Sometimes speed is critical to get a job and to stay competitive. As you increase machine size so does the cost of the machine, but your cost per square foot goes down. Also, consider if you are doing or want to do heavy applications (ie: wood or ceramic). Most Ride-on machines will work on ceramic where most walk behind machines will not.

Removal rates of difficult glued down carpet are with a 200 lb. Stripper, approximately 900 square feet per hour. A 400 lb. Stripper, approximately 1800 square feet per hour. Battery Ride-On, approximately 3500 square feet per hour. These figures are based on averages.

When deciding on a machine, take into consideration, the noise, the size, the weight and the vibration of the machine. Is the machine quiet? Can it be used on jobsites during daytime hours? What is the vibration of the machine? If vibration is a factor, an electric or battery Ride-On machine that doesn't have an oscillating head might be the best choice. Ride-On machines are available in electric, battery and propane. Many places restrict the use of propane. Size and weight are a big factor. Is the machine too heavy to run on a wood subfloor? Does it fit into a standard elevator or do you need to find a freight elevator? Will the machine work in confined areas?

To figure your return on investment, take the machine price divided by square feet per day times the price per square foot of the material being removed. This calculation will tell you how many days it will take to pay for your machine. Example, with a Battery Ride-On: VCT at 25 cents per square foot times 20,000 square feet per day equals $5,000.00 per day. Machine cost of $29,000.00 divided by $5,000.00 equals six days to pay for the machine. Your savings also come from being able to do a job faster and in some cases with less man-power. Down time creates a cost not only for you, but especially for your customer. Having the right equipment is imperative to be able to bid a job competitively and to do it better.

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