The revolutionary new Platinum™ line of high performance tools from Custom® Building Products is designed to go beyond the ordinary, raising the bar in performance for contractors who depend on their tools to get the job done right. Custom created its new Platinum tool line specifically for these installers who rely on them every day. The result is an innovative new line of tools that set a new industry standard, helping tile installers to work more efficiently and more comfortably, spend less energy and achieve better results.

Custom has literally reinvented the tools necessary for installing tile and stone, from notch trowels and grout floats to mixers, tile nippers and knee pads. Each Platinum tool is crafted of the highest grade materials and engineered specifically to improve performance, durability and comfort.

"We approached the development of our Platinum tools taking a completely fresh look not just at how tools should be designed, but how they are actually used by installers in the field today. We worked side by side with these professional installers and watched how they use their tools, and then used our experience and manufacturing expertise to create a line of tools that goes beyond the ordinary," said Jon Miller, senior product manager for Custom Building Products. "These are, without a doubt, the highest quality tile installation tools on the market today."

The Platinum Tile Nippers

Like grout floats, tile nippers had not changed much in the past 50 years - until Custom introduced the Platinum tile nippers. Platinum tile nippers are engineered to make the tough job of cutting tile easier and more accurate.

The Platinum Knee Pads

For most tile installers, spending hours working on their knees can be painful and fatiguing, and most knee pads do not offer the best in comfort, durability or ergonomics. Custom has solved these problems with Platinum knee pads, which provide extraordinary fit, comfort and durability.

The Platinum Mixer

For years, tile contractors have been mixing thin set and grout using standard power drills. This high-torque, high RPM method can be very awkward, unstable and produce a poor mix of the material. The new Platinum mixer features a handle that provides a balanced grip for both hands, offering stability and steady control while reducing the amount of air blended into the mix.

The Platinum Notch Trowel

From listening to tile contractors and watching them work, Custom applied new standards to square-notch trowels. Custom solved the problem of worn notches that bend under pressure by using a thicker, higher grade of steel that reduces wear and lengthens the life of the trowel. Plus our patented notch pattern gives more contact with less pressure.

The Platinum Grout Float

Traditional grout floats have changed little from the day they were first designed, with a "D"-shaped handle originally cut from a two-by-four. The new Platinum grout float has a new offset handle design, similar to the Platinum trowel, which replaces the old "D" shape. Its grip is comfortable in either hand - even long enough to fit both - and eliminates the need for a second, offset float for hard-to-reach areas like the toe kicks under counters.