The CARPET INSTALLATION CHECKLIST is your tool for being prepared when problems arise on the jobsite. Try as we will, they do happen. If the work was professionally performed, the installers who possess the ability to communicate because they are prepared and confident are already on their way to presenting a successful case. The knowledgeable installers' value is greatly enhanced if they are prepared when problems arise. To earn more, learn more and be able to communicate. Become a partner with a dealer who is searching for someone who can communicate with the customer. Believe me; they are out there looking for you also.


1. Problems with bow, skew, pattern elongation - pattern tolerances?

2. If there is a problem, was the manufacturer notified?

3. Is the pattern matched?

4. Was ample carpet received to provide a quality installation?

5. Was ample carpet ordered by the retailer for a quality installation?

6. Was carpet ordered in roll sizes to eliminate excessive seaming?


1. Date of first cleaning? How many times has the carpet been professionally cleaned?

2. How many times has the carpet been cleaned by the consumer? Spot cleaned?

3. What method was used?

4. List cleaning materials by manufacturer and type.

5. Is there evidence of overwetting of the carpet?

6. How many times weekly is the carpet vacuumed?

7. Is the vacuum in good shape?

8. Type of vacuum

9. Is maintenance performed in-house or contracted to an outside source?

10. Is the carpet properly protected? Edge moldings? Chair protectors? Walk-off mats?