The Alliance for Flexible Polyurethane Foam (AFPF) has just published "Installation Guidelines for Commercial Carpet and Commercial Bonded Polyurethane Carpet Cushion," outlining step-by-step procedures for installing commercial carpet with commercial bonded polyurethane carpet cushion using the double-glue method of installation. While the double-glue process is the preferred method of installing carpet and cushion in the contract market today, until now, no printed guidelines were available describing how to accomplish this type of installation for optimal performance.

Heralded by floor covering industry insiders as a much-needed and valuable resource, the guidelines were developed by AFPF and reviewed by the Carpet Cushion Council, the International Certified Floorcovering Installers Association, the Floor Covering Installation Board, the Floor Covering Installation Contractors Association, the Carpet & Rug Institute and the World Floor Covering Association. The double-glue installation method involves adhering the cushion to the floor, followed by adhering the carpet to the installed cushion.

The guidelines, which are illustrated with color photographs taken during an actual double-glue installation, are based on the use of a typical commercial-grade bonded polyurethane carpet cushion with a thickness of .025-inch maximum and a density of 10 lbs./cu.ft. minimum with woven or non-woven scrim on both sides. Included in the guidelines are sections that address cushion choice, pre-installation considerations, site conditions, floor preparation, cushion layout, carpet layout, gluing cushion to floor, gluing carpet to cushion, installation with a spray adhesive system, double-glue procedures for stairs and installing patterned carpet.

"Installation Guidelines for Commercial Carpet and Commercial Bonded Polyurethane Carpet Cushion" may be downloaded at Free copies may also be obtained by e-mailing your request to, or by calling 800-696-AFPF (2373).