What is the mission of your association? Often, in the hype of conferences, membership drives, and officer elections, associations actually forget why they were formed in the first place. FCICA, however, has not forgotten its mission to improve and add value to the floor covering industry. An example of this is FCICA’s newest member benefit, TechNet.

TechNet is a matrix of experienced professionals in the floor covering industry who will provide answers to inquiries about products and installation methods. It is a free information service for consumers, dealers, contractors and other professionals.

Here’s how TechNet works: if you need help with something, call the FCICA office and tell us your specific question, situation, or problem. Let us know how we can reach you, the best time to call, and if it is an urgent request. While you are giving us this information, w will be making notes so we can immediately forward your request to one of our TechNet professionals. The professional in charge of handling your situation will respond with an answer within 24 hours.

Some typical questions a TechNet professional can answer include:

What type of product should be used?

What is the source for this product?

What would be the estimated cost of the product?

Do you know of someone who has used this type of product?

What method should I use to do this?

What tools and equipment do I need?

Have you found this to be cost effective?

How is this installation usually done?

Who has experience in this type of installation?

Who has had experience with this type of problem?

How should I handle a problem with a job that I’ve installed?

Is there an FCICA flooring contractor in this area?

Can you suggest a third-party resource?

FCICA offers this service because the association is made up of floor covering installers, suppliers, and manufacturers who understand how difficult it is to run into a major problem and not know where to turn. Although FCICA members can ask and share questions and answers with other members, they are also dedicated to following the mission of FCICA.

Improving the industry.