Following are some of the newest tools available to installers. We hope that these products can help you to work more safely and effectively.

The New 2006 Bullet Tools X Series Magnum Shear

The New 2006 Bullet Tools X Series Magnum Shear The new 2006 model features a longer table design and reinforced rail system for even more horsepower. The X Series is available in 5 cutting widths: 9", 13", 20", 26", and 40". The company recently introduced an optional Super Blade in February that now allows the X13 and X20 to cut 3/4" solid oak and maple.

The Magnum Shear has also been approved by the Certified Flooring Installers Association (CFI). John Namba tested the machine and was satisfied with the cut it produced and ease of use. Finally, manufacturers including Mannington, Pergo, Armstrong and Wilson Art have informally approved the cut produced by the machine and many use the Magnum Shear in their training classes.

The Bucket Saw

This "Magnum Shear Companion" is slick for making inside corner cuts and rips. Because it doesn't create air born particles it's safe to use in the house. The cool thing is you can see the marked line on your board. It's easier and more stable to use than a jigsaw, and most of your dust stays in the bucket. Bullet is introducing an HD model this year which features an upgraded, heavy-duty saw motor and a larger table.

The Ultimate Scraper Blade

Finally there is an effective blade for removing old flooring material with long clean strokes. It guides the material up and over the blade clamps with no jam ups; it's resharpenable, and the handles last considerably longer. Break a blade and the company will replace it for free.

This completely unique product has an unlimited guarantee to remove all sorts of flooring materials and debris from other surface areas during the demolition process. This 0.40-inch thick stainless steel scraping invention lasts as long as 45 blades and in some cases as long as 100 old style blades. It is guaranteed to reduce the time it takes to get that floor up. And it saves your scraper handle in the process.

Taylor Tools Carpet Cricket Knife

Blade changeouts are quick and easy with the new Carpet Cricket knife from Taylor Tools, which features a patented, one-handed "Quick Flip" blade changing technology. The Carpet Cricket also includes a gap-free tip which completely supports the blade and a high-traction swivel surface for smooth operation. The blade holder is made of tought plastic to protect the edges of stored blades, and also features a textured grip and a cut-out for fast, easy blade removal.