FCIMagazine Presents “My Best Installation” Story Contest

To enter, choose a category, send us your installation story in 750 words maximum.
If available, include pictures taken during the installation.
  1. The most difficult job ever (and what I did).
  2. The funniest job ever (can you believe this?).
  3. The most unique job - (the one that makes me most proud).
  4. The toughest/worst customer ever (and how I won them over).
(Just tell your story in your own words-you will not be judged for grammar or spelling, etc. Our editors will assist, if necessary, in making winning published stories look and sound correct).

Prizes will be awarded to all submitted articles in each category. Winning stories will also be featured in upcoming issues ofFloor Covering Installer,and on our website,www.fcimag.com.

Use this entry form to participate in the contest. Mail, fax, or e-mail your story to us, along with this form,no later than Oct. 3, 2007.

Good luck!

Gregg Loria
Publisher, Floor Covering Installer



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