Another year has gone by since we produced our last BUYER’S GUIDE - and we have been very busy trying to bring you the most informative installation stories and products throughout the rest of the year. This year’s DIRECTORY is a culmination of many trade shows and meetings and research by our editorial staff to bring you a comprehensive guide and reference tool you can use throughout the year.

We have many new products and tools listed in this year’s DIRECTORY. We hope you enjoy what our Editors have accumulated here for you. We would also hope that you utilize many of these same manufacturer’s products when you have an opportunity.

I wanted to let you know a little bit about some of the other exciting things we are going to be doing here at FLOOR COVERING INSTALLER the rest of this year and next.

First of all, we have expanded to 10 issues this year and are growing to11 issues in 2008.In October, we will be having our firstINSTALLER’S STORYissue. I would like to ask all of you (I know all of you have at least one favorite story that you’d like to share) to start submitting your personal stories regarding your worst jobs, best jobs, most unusual, etc., that you have ever been involved with. We will select the most interesting and informative and award cash and prizes to the 10 we publish.The deadline for receiving these stories will be August 15-so start writing!

Our November issue is going to be entirely devoted to tools, tools and more tools! We know you love the tools that are the basic components of your work-so we thought we’d make your searching a little easier. We’ll have our resident columnists like Hetts and Baxley talk about many of the OLD and NEW tools on the market and give you their opinions on things to make your lives a little easier.

For those of you who have not registered for our website,, you should do so now. We have a very unique bulletin board that caters to the loose fringes of our society, but can also be very informative in installation techniques as well. We have also started a master website,www.flooringinsider.comthat will bring you up to speed on many different things going on in the flooring industry as a whole.We will be giving out prizes and gifts randomly over the next several months to people who sign up for our websites.

Our goal atFloor Covering Installeris to continue to get you all the information we can to make your professional lives easier. Let us know if you have any ideas that you think will help us help you.