Sinclair Equipment Co.'s Mambo

Sinclair's Mambo works quietly, simply

The New Mambo Surface Preparation Machine provides power and performance for most all sub-floor prep applications. The whisper quiet, brushless DC motor with continuous speed control, from 100-450 rpm provides huge torque for all types of abrasive discs. Perfect for all tough commercial jobs, especially those requiring low noise levels. Additional removable weight is included for easy on/off jobsite loading. A folding handle design makes for easy transportation.

Southern Cross

Gripper Edge makes carpet tack strip for the professional carpet installer
The company thoroughly tests and controls the quality of the product. Having invested thousands of dollars in the tack strip machines, Gripper Edge carries a complete line of tack strip for every type of installation. Involved in the sales and production of tack strip for over a decade, the company warrants out tack strip against any defects or claims.


Lam-Hammer introduces new installation tool
Lam-Hammer introduces an installation tool for laminate or engineered floors. Retailers-thwart problems before they occur while reducing installation time by 25%! Provide your installers with the Lam-Hammer-it makes damaged drywall and dented toekicks a thing of the past. Installing laminate floor in tight places is a breeze! No more call-backs or unhappy customers.


Tile Backer with Built-in Moisture Barrier Hangs Like Drywall
With a built-in moisture barrier and highly water-resistant core DensShield® tile backer from Georgia-Pacific Gypsum is the superior moisture- and mold-resistant substrate for tile. And with a Type X core, it’s easier to use and specify than cement-based tile backers as it doesn’t require mineral wool for a fire rating in addition to not needing a vapor barrier in wet areas. Plus it’s lighter and hangs like drywall. Manage moisture, manage mold, manage fire and manage cost with DensShield tile backer. Just one of many paperless building solutions from Georgia-Pacific Gypsum. Call 1-800 BUILD GP or visitwww.densshield.comfor more information.

Carpet Shims

Carpet Shims: Discover the underlying difference
Carpet Shims are available in 1⁄4”, 3⁄8”, and 1⁄2” x 8” x 32”, and 1⁄4”, 3⁄8”, and 1⁄2”x 12” x 48”. Add a Universal Side Shim to each end of the installed Carpet Shim to eliminate the drop off, which completes your installation. Universal Side Shims are available in 3⁄8” and 1⁄2” for both the 8” and 12” Carpet Shim. FREE DVD available! For more information visitwww.carpetshims.comor call 877-596-1591.

Dayton Superior Corp.

Dayton’s new Sure Finish: exceptionally smooth results
Sure Finish, new from Dayton Superior, is a polymer-modified feather finish packaged in 10- and 25-pound resealable pails. Sure Finish is designed to provide an exceptionally smooth finish on a wide variety of substrates including wood, concrete, ceramic and existing resilient flooring. The product has a compressive strength of more than 4000 psi, the company notes.