It seems that installers can never have too many tools. From saws to seaming irons and everything in between, they are constantly upgrading their tools to accommodate the newest flooring products in the market. Having the right tools can mean the difference between success and failure, and everyone knows how expensive a failure can be for the installer. Even the most expensive tools can pay for themselves quickly by saving time and preventing callbacks. However, finding the right tools for a particular application can be a confusing proposition, as there are more products to choose from than ever before, and many products boast similar features. With this in mind,Floor Covering Installerhas been devoting more attention to tools recently, starting with our FCI Tool Guide columns. In these columns, we asked real-world installers like you to evaluate some of the latest floor covering installation tools and give their honest and unbiased opinions on whether or not these tools live up the claims of the manufacturers. The results have been quite interesting, and we have received positive feedback from our readers regarding this new column.

In this issue, we present another feature designed to help installers find the right tools for their flooring installation businesses: a comprehensive listing of tool manufacturers and products. In this section you will find all the companies that manufacture flooring installation tools, and the contact information to help you get in touch with them. Of course, it can be difficult to choose a tool without trying it out first, so you should take every opportunity available to learn about the latest tools and technology. Many tool manufacturers conduct free seminars around the country at various distributor locations, so check with your local distributor to find out about these events. Another great opportunity to see some the latest and greatest tools is the annual CFI convention, which features a showcase from many top flooring installation product manufacturers. If you aren’t participating in CFI yet, what are waiting for? If there isn’t a chapter in your area yet, take the initiative and help start one with the other installers there. It is an invaluable way to network and increase your installation skills and knowledge.

Speaking of installers sharing their knowledge, we are also proud to present in this issue the best installation stories from you, our readers. Special thanks to all of you who took the time to write to us. We have enjoyed reading your stories, and we hope you will also.