BonaKemi USA has restructured its senior management team as a result of organizational changes by its Sweden-based parent company, BonaKemi AB. As a result, BonaKemi USA president and ceo Ron Peden will no longer be with the company.

“For the purposes of operating in a more global and strategic fashion while enhancing communications, operating efficiencies, and aligning our cost structures, we have eliminated the role of president of BonaKemi USA,” said BonaKemi AB president and CEO, Dr. Kerstin Lindell.

Lindell went on to say, “These changes for BonaKemi USA are part of the overall organizational strategy we have also implemented for the European, Latin American and Asia Pacific markets. However, it also means that Ron Peden, who has been so instrumental in BonaKemi’s growth and success, will no longer be with the company. His sense of integrity, loyalty, honesty, ethics, values, and drive to care for people are a rarity in the business world today and will be greatly missed. We wish Ron the best with all of his future endeavors.”

To ensure a smooth transition to the new structure in the interim, Lindell will serve as managing director for BonaKemi USA. Reporting to Lindell will be the executive management team including: John Rauvola, sales and marketing; and Kirk Roberts, product management.