LATICRETE recently sponsored Ivan Teper in the annual Bob Cook Memorial Mt. Evans Hill Climb in Denver, Colo. Teper, who has leukemia and is anemic, completed the 28-mile bicycle race in four hours and 29 minutes, which begins at 7,500 feet above sea level and ends at 14,130 feet on top of Mt. Evans, in four hours and 29 minutes.

Teper says he rode more than 1,000 in preparation for the course that begins at an elevation of 7,500 feet, and ends 14,130 feet on top of Mt. Evans, where the highest paved road in North America terminates.

He adds that he more than accomplished his goal of “just crossing the finish line.” Although he did not did not win the race up, Teper adds, “For the last hour, I was so tired I couldn’t reach down and grab my water bottle for a drink. When I crossed the finished line, I put my bike down and cried like a baby.”