Tile Partners for Humanity, the partnership between the tile industry and Habitat for Humanity, announces the addition of Bob Daniels, Executive Director Emeritus of the Tile Council of North America, as the organization’s first industry director.

Bob Daniels

New homeowner Robin Bradley works with tile contractor Ronnie Accardo to set tile in her Habitat home in Baton Rouge, LA, in Nov. 2004.

In the position, Daniels will work within the industry to raise awareness of the value of partnering with TPFH and to raise money for the organization. TPFH will announce a major fundraising campaign, to be chaired by Daniels, this spring.

Daniels served as a member of the TPFH board of directors, representing the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation, from the fall of 2003 to last year. TPFH is excited to announce the addition of Scott Carothers, CTEF executive director, to its board.

Paul Wilson of the CTIOA demonstrates tile installation in this Habitat home in Costa Mesa, CA, in April 2004.

“I’m really pleased to continue working with what I believe is a great cause,” Daniels said. “It makes good business sense for our industry to get behind TPFH and support our communities through our resources.” 

TPFH also celebrated its fifth anniversary in late 2002. It will mark five years of projects in June 2008 on the anniversary of the DIY Network Build in Charlotte, NC, and the Jimmy Carter Work Projects in LaGrange and Valdosta, GA.

Fourteen-year-old volunteer Josh Bigelow, NATTCO President Brian Turner and BAC Local 4 Member Scott Wooldridge set tile together in this Habitat home in Indianapolis, IN, in Oct. 2004.

TPFH pledged a total of $1,250,000 worth of materials and labor to Habitat affiliates and projects over a five-year period. TPFH partners donated enough to surpass that goal – and TPFH signed another five-year pledge in the same amount beginning in early 2008.

The organization is guided by representatives of the seven leading industry organizations: Rick Church of the Ceramic Tile Distributors Association, Scott Carothers of the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation, Gray LaFortune of the Ceramic Tile Institute of America, Bart Bettiga of the National Tile Contractors Association, Eric Astrachan of the Tile Council of North America, Curt Rapp of TheTileDoctor.com, and Sheila Menzies of Tile Heritage Foundation.