Nora Technical Academy recently opened is doors to floor covering installers seeking the latest installation techniques and updates to industry standards.

During intensive training sessions, attendees received a mix of classroom instruction and hands-on training that focuses on several aspects of installation specific to nora rubber flooring. Josh Hogeboom, an installer with Spectra Contract Flooring in Orlando, Fla., was among the first technicians to complete the program.

Nora Technical Academy is specifically geared toward experienced flooring installers who are working in the field. The program is designed to better prepare them to provide the most professional, skilled flooring installation services to their customers, the company says.

Installers who attend the training sessions learn about everything from sub-floor preparation to the latest industry standards related to new moisture testing methods and equipment. Those who successfully complete the program and demonstrate an understanding of nora products and correct installation techniques are given a nora approved installer status. Depending on ability, they may also be rewarded the master or elite status.

New classes at nora Tehnical Academy will run throughout the spring. For more information about the program or to receive scheduling and registration details for upcoming classes, call (800) 332-NORA or visit