Whether you’re an independent installer or an employee of a large flooring contractor, your success will be measured as much by your personal conduct and reputation as your technical expertise. The following are common mistakes that can kill your reputation.

Walking off the job without telling anyone after finding the job conditions are different than expected.  “This was supposed to be with moderate furniture and now I see we also have rubber-backed take up in about half the area…let’s just go have a beer.”

Using profane language to explain to the client why a job has not been finished on schedule.  “Those @*%@!X#% people kept walking down the corridor and that @#%!@#% manager, Joe, didn’t show up to let us in.”

Lapses in personal hygiene and appearance.  “Well, since this is an unoccupied building, I don’t think I’ll take time to shave and take a shower; in fact, since its warm, I’ll just wear shorts.”  (The architect, project manager, the owner, and flooring company president were walking the space in preparation for final acceptance of the job.)

Failure to follow specified installation methods such as applying seam sealer to all carpet seams.  “That must be some really alkaline concrete to eat up all my seam sealer that quickly; besides, this was cheap carpet anyway and it’ll probably fall apart before you have trouble with my seams.”

Arguing or fighting with team members on the job.  “Yeah, I needed thirty stitches to close up that cut on my jaw.  Well, Tim called me an S.O.B. and I took a swipe at him with my carpet knife.  I guess I forgot to duck.”

Using drugs while on the job.  “It makes the day more harmonious, and since I’m relaxed, I can make seams and kick carpet more quickly.”

When examples like this occur, severe consequences result.  It’s a shame to see qualified installers make errors in judgment that force contractors to terminate their relationship.  The real professionals don’t necessarily have the most technical skill or the lowest price; rather, they have a high standard of personal conduct and an impeccable reputation.