Lancaster, Pa.-based Dodge-Regupol has changed its name to ECORE International as part of its efforts to broaden its strategic and geographic focus, the company says. With its new name, the company says it is working on expanding its leadership as a provider of sustainable materials and systems for global markets.

“We recognize that sustainable products and processes form the core of what we already do,” said ECORE President and CEO Arthur Dodge III, whose great, great grandfather founded the Dodge Cork Company more than 100 years ago.

Formed 18 years ago, Dodge-Regupol developed as a partnership between the Dodge Cork Company and the Germany-based Berleburger Schaumstoffwerk GMBH (BSW). The companies mutually agreed to conclude their joint venture last November as a way to enable both organizations to pursue distinct business strategies and accelerate growth. According to Dodge, ECORE will continue to operate in Lancaster, Pa., and retain ownership of all its brands and operating units.