From left to right: Dennis C. Cook, Dave Feeback, Randy Barber and David Dobbs. Foreground: Pete Austin.

Gilford Flooring recently hired David Dobbs as director of technical services to focus on installation training.

“Proper training for the installation and maintenance of the wide variety of products serviced by our company is one of our focal points in our long-range plan,” said Dennis C. Cook, president of Gilford flooring.

“Our forecast is for significant sales growth with new products and customer alliances, so we must provide value-added support such as training,” Cook stated. “2008 is going to challenge our customers in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, and Gilford Flooring will aceept that challenge and offer installation training and advice through the experience of David Dobbs.”

For more information on Gilford Flooring’s installation training, customers may call (800) 852-5454.