Course participants from 2007 on location at a quarry in Verona, Italy.

MAPEI has partnered with VeronaFiere, one of Italy’s leading trade fair companies and an American Institute of Architects Continuing Education System (AIA/CES) provider as well as an active member of the Marble Institute of America.

The partnership demonstrates MAPEI’s support of the Italian stone industry through co-sponsorship of VeronaFiere’s continuing education course on stone materials for architects. A special 10th Anniversary edition of this course will be held in Verona, Italy, in early October during Marmomacc, the world’s largest exhibition of marble, stone and related technology. This special course is designed for alumni of the first nine courses.

Only 16 U.S. architects are accepted each year for the regular VeronaFiere educational course, which was recently recognized as a "Best Practices and Trends" program by the AIA. Architects compete for scholarships that cover tuition, meals, hotel accommodations and local transportation. Participants are responsible for their own transportation between the United States and Verona, as well as a small administrative fee.

This year, MAPEI will host the 10th anniversary architects and their guests in Milan on the first day of the course. The morning will encompass a tour of the Duomo di Milano in Milan as well as other architecturally significant sites built with marble and stone. In the afternoon, the architects will visit MAPEI’s Research & Development facilities and attend a seminar on installation techniques for exterior cladding. Prior to the seminar, Dr. Giorgio Squinzi, the CEO of MAPEI Group worldwide, will address the architects briefly.

MAPEI Americas’ Architectural Resources Manager, Don Miller, and Commercial Projects Manager Heather Yario will assist in the seminar and will join the architects for the further educational phases of the 10th anniversary course in Verona. “We are delighted to work with the VeronaFiere team and to be a part of the Marmomacc experience,” Miller said. “We strongly support the work they are doing to educate American architects on the use of stone in constructing lasting and beautiful buildings.”