Q.E.P. Co., Inc. announced that Leonard Gould has been elected as the company’s president by its board of directors. In addition to his current sales responsibilities, Gould will also be responsible for all operating aspects of the company. He has served as the company’s senior vice president of retail accounts since 1998 and joined the company in 1993.

Lewis Gould, who has served as president of the company since 1979, will remain as chairman and chief executive officer.

In announcing Leonard Gould’s appointment, Lewis Gould stated: “I am very pleased to announce Leonard’s appointment as the company’s president. Many of the company’s recent successes are attributable to his efforts and the company’s sales have grown significantly because of his leadership and the teamwork he fosters.  He possesses the combination of skills and knowledge to lead this company.  I am very proud of my son and look forward to working with Leonard and mentoring him in his new role.”