The Floor Covering Business-to-Business (fcB2B) has launched , a site where you can learn everything about B2B at your own pace and in language you can understand. is the flooring industry’s dedicated resource for learning about B2B technology. The aim of the website is to provide a central repository of unbiased information and resources you can use to learn about the different aspects of implementing B2B within your business. The goal of the site is to help you understand this important technology and how it affects the day-to-day operation of your firm.

The site contains information for retailers, contractors, distributors, manufacturers and technology developers and is organized in the following sections:
  • Retailer, flooring contractor or storeowner interested in B2B
  • Manufacturer, supplier or distributor interested in implementation
  • Software developer interested in the fcB2B standard, requirements and technical support.
The public facing side of contains content of interest to retailers or flooring contractors. “In this section labeled B2B101, we skip the technical aspects and focus on the practical application of using B2B,” said Pam Bowe, co-president of fcB2B.

“Testimonials from current retailer participants, case studies, which mills and distributors are on board and what benefits of B2B software are available to a business today are also included,” Bowe stated.

“The public side also speaks about the association and the benefits of membership,” added Aaron Pirner, fcB2B co-president, “serving as a vehicle to engage future members and support existing members and sponsors.”

The member-only portal contains administrative tools for collaboration among committees, standard repository and documentation.