David Thoreson

LG Floors has appointed David E. Thoresen to the position of executive vice president. Thoresen, who will be working out of the firm’s Englewood Cliffs, NJ headquarters, spent the last eight years at various top executive positions with Mannington. Most recently, he was manager, retail strategic accounts. Prior to that, he served as Mannington’s director, sales & marketing; director, resilient business and national sales manager.

“Coming to LG was an easy decision for me,” he stated. “The brand is one of the best known worldwide, and the products have consistently proven to be of the highest quality. Furthermore, the designs are well-received by the A & D community, therefore getting us repeat business.”

“The commercial market still holds good opportunity,” Thoresen continued. “I believe health care continues to be a very viable, ongoing market.  Education, although softer than in years past, is such a large category that I see our products continuing to have success there. Retail and residential will be more challenging and thus, will require the most work to make inroads.”

“LG Floors is equipped with good sales partners and an excellent sales team,” added Thoresen. “We have the ability to move faster than our larger competitors. That combined with great product quality and world-class design…. ensures that our future is bright. The commercial market is certainly feeling the nation’s current economic state; no one knows where the bottom is. The key is to for a company to strongly position itself during the down time, being ready for when things start improving. That’s what we’re doing at LG Floors.”

“My biggest challenge,” concluded Thoresen, “is developing a strategy to maximize the organization we already have in place. Our current sales partners, people and products are excellent.  A consistent approach and strategy is all that’s missing. Once implemented, that’s when we awaken the ‘sleeping giant’ known as LG Floors.”