The North American Laminate Flooring Association (NALFA) will hold the second session of its Installer Certification School on March 23-24, 2009 in Philadelphia, Pa. The comprehensive training curriculum covers all aspects of a quality laminate installation and will give the attendees the skills necessary to perform installations to high standards and craftsmanship in the field.

The cost of registering and attending the NALFA Installer Certification School is $450 per person for NALFA members and $500 per person for non-members.  The registration fee includes all the necessary instructional materials, use of on-site tools and materials, meals, a NALFA Installer Certification Certificate and use of the associated logo and marketing materials.  

The session will cover topics such as: what is laminate, HPL & DPL, types and joints, abrasion class and wear class, job site evaluation, floor preparation, wood subfloors, concrete subfloors, moisture meters, acclimation, safety issues and emergency procedures, insurance, using manufacturer instructions, measuring and balancing, installation direction, subfloor issues, special areas, correcting errors, measurement and estimation, installation techniques, board replacement, floor removal and cleaning.  

 Space is limited, so early registration is recommended. To register or for more information, please call Teiya Eubanks at (423) 316-1566 or visit