Nick Di Tempora answers questions after his presentation at the MIT Entrepreneurial Masters Program

Nick Di Tempora, former president of MAPEI Americas, spoke this summer at an exclusive masters program taking place at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) conference center in Dedham, Massachusetts.

Jointly hosted by the Entrepreneurs’ Organization and MIT, the prestigious three-year executive education program brings together 60 high-growth entrepreneurs from all industries for four days each year. The program helps these business owners learn how take their companies to the next level of successful operations.

Di Tempora spoke on the topics of strategy, leadership and entrepreneurial excellence. During his presentation, Mr. Di Tempora drew on experiences from his partnership at MAPEI, where he worked with Dr. Giorgio Squinzi. Dr. Squinzi is the Chairman of the MAPEI Group and oversees the global operation of 53 associated companies in24 countries.  

“I was most impressed by the curiosity of these young business owners,” Di Tempora said. ”The question they asked most often was how I chose the business world as the arena for my success. I began working in business at a very young age to help support my family; and I found I had a talent for successfully negotiating business deals, first for the companies I worked for and later for my own companies.”

In his speech and during the discussion session that followed, Mr. Di Tempora emphasized that being truthful and consistent in his personal and corporate dealings were the greatest factors in his success. “I wish to thank MIT and the Entrepreneurs’ Organization for inviting me to speak at their symposium. It was a great honor,” DiTempora said.