Florida Tile and National Gypsum have established a strategic partnership, in which Florida tile will be the official distributor of the commercial line of the National Gypsum brand in all its Florida Tile Branch locations and markets. To celebrate the partnership, Florida Tile and National Gypsum have developed a series of joint marketing activities that will be carried out by both companies through Florida Tile branches.

  “I am very proud of being able to partner with such an innovative and supportive company within the backerboard industry,” said Luca Zerbini, Florida Tile CEO. “We work very well with National Gypsum and we consider it a strategic partner for the bright future we envision for Florida Tile.”

  “We have been a long-time partner for Florida Tile,” said David Drummond, general manager for the Cement Board Division at National Gypsum. “We have promptly responded to Florida Tile continuously evolving needs, developing products that improve the reliability of the installation of Florida Tile products.”