Florida Tile, which has been located in Lakeland, Fla., since 1954, said it is moving its corporate headquarters to Lexington, Ky. The move is aimed at merging the corporate offices with Panariagroup's  $25 million porcelain manufacturing plant in nearby Lawrenceburg. Panariagroup bought Florida Tile three years ago.

“While Florida Tile has been able to operate successfully since the closing of the Lakeland production plant, the optimal situation is to have both the corporate and manufacturing facilities united,” Panariagroup said in a statement. “The Kentucky facility has become a key investment for Panariagroup, and Florida Tile is more dedicated than ever to building the strongest most recognizable and valued brand in the industry.”

“The uniting of the production plant and corporate headquarters will help to maintain and further develop Florida Tile’s leading role in the United States tile market,” the company added.

Lexington, Ky., is approximately 820 miles north of Lakeland, Fla.