Jeff Leone

The National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA) has named Jeff Leone, MAPEI’s Director of Strategic Marketing, to its board of directors as the 2009 manufacturer representative.

<br /><br />  Executive Director Bart Bettiga has noted that the NTCA executive committee and board of directors are establishing clear and attainable goals and objectives that will continue to provide value for the association’s contractor members.

<br /><br />   “MAPEI is helping support these goals through our sponsorship of the NTCA Safety Program and by joining in the sponsorship of the ‘Partnering for Success’ membership program,” Leone said. “As a member of the board of directors, I will be focusing on three key issues: (1) continuing to attract new NTCA members, (2) assisting in training programs for both the NTCA and the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation, of which MAPEI is a significant sponsor and (3) involving MAPEI more closely in the Standards & Methods Committee.”

<br /><br />   “During the coming year I look forward to working with NTCA’s Executive Director Bart Bettiga and our new NTCA President John Cox to help promote the NTCA and its support of the contracting community,” Leone said. 

<br /><br />   “Having Jeff participate on the NTCA board of directors is already making a significant difference,” Bettiga said. “We have established a clear line of communication to discuss how to grow our membership and raise the level of professionalism in our industry.  Jeff has great ideas, and more importantly, has responded quickly with support for many of our programs and services.  We look forward to a strong relationship with Jeff and MAPEI in 2009 and the future.”