Let’s start the New Year off with promising ourselves that we will learn more to earn more!  It always works and it should be one of your goals. So, step up and find ways that this New Year will be better than you anticipated!  Quickly run away from your “doom and gloom” friends.  We can’t change the wind, but we can change the sails, so go for it!

2009 is a NEW year, a NEW adventure, a NEW beginning and full of NEW opportunities!   If you are sitting around and waiting for something to come your way, chances are it is NOT going to happen!  Call designers and dealers who sell quality labor and sell YOU!  You know what, we’ve discovered that flooring is still being installed! 

The CFI website (www.CFIinstallers.com) has never been busier with customers who “have experienced the inferior labor deal and swear it will not happen to them again.”  Find more of these people.  They may not know where to find you.

Here’s a way to start the New Year. “Book” knowledge never hurt anyone.  Let’s see if you score 100% on this installation test.  We’re counting on you.  If not, it’s time to brush up for the next “test!”      

Standard tackstrip is _________ wide and ______inches thick.  

____________ will distort the backing of the carpet.  

It is never acceptable to ____________ the carpet to the tackstrip.  

Seams are to be constructed on a ____________.  

Use a non-heat conducting surface behind the _______________.  

All rooms are to be ______________, regardless of size.  

Americans with Disabilities Act is often referred to as _________.  

The estimator should always allow ___________inches of overage on all cuts when measuring and a ________ pattern in the __________ and _________.    

A condition that exists in patterned carpet when the lengthwise appearance is not in a straight                  line is called _______.    

Air temperature that is surrounding on all sides is called ____________.  

 The distance between the wall and tackstrip is known as the __________  

____________is a condition that appears when the carpet is growing along the edge.  

A 5-pick carpet backing has _______ openings in the backing that allows the “fillers” to fall through.  

When water remains on the surface of concrete or beads up this indicates a ______ substrate.  

Portions of printed or tufted patterns that deviate from a straight line describe _______.  

The Occupational Safety and Health Association is also known as __________.  

 ____________ is considered the acceptable range that indicates relative acidity or alkalinity of the concrete substrate.    

 Moisture in vapor form in the air is referred to as ________.  

The _________ test is a method used to measure water or moisture through the substrate by using duct tape to tape a section of plastic to the floor.    

The __________ test is a 72-hour test used to determine if the flooring will remain adhered to the substrate.  

20  -- Excellent! 

17-19 --Outstanding                                       

14-16 --  OK

Less than 14 -- OOPS!                                                                                                                                

ANSWERS to Installer Questions #1  

1-inch and ¼-inch



Hard Surface

Seaming Iron



3  -  full   - width and length


Ambient air


Pattern elongation





5-9 pH


Mat test

Bond test