Shaw Industries Group has joined the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s WasteWise program in an effort to promote its environmental and sustainability efforts and continue defining goals to reduce waste and recycle its products.

“EPA's WasteWise program has a long-standing reputation in facilitating voluntary actions among its participants in reducing waste and improving the environment,” said Rick Ramirez, Shaw's vp corporate sustainability and environmental affairs. “Furthermore, we believe public-private partnerships, such as EPA's WasteWise program, demonstrate our commitment and accountability in achieving our goals as well as transparency and credibility to our stakeholders while providing our Shaw associates with well-deserved recognition for their daily efforts.”

WasteWise, launched in 1994, has over 2,000 partners and educates government agencies, non profit organizations, trade associations and businesses about the benefits of reducing solid waste. By partnering with WasteWise, Shaw will receive benefits which include information on reduced purchasing and waste disposal costs, networking in member and regional forums and an annual Climate Profile describing green house gas reduction. Shaw will receive public recognition for its sustainability through WasteWise publications, case studies, meetings and EPA awards.

“WasteWise partners like Shaw not only commit to reduce waste, but also help address global climate change,” noted Stan Meiburg, EPA acting regional administrator. “By decreasing the demand on raw materials through waste reduction and recycling, WasteWise partners have shown that they can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, lower costs and minimize their environmental footprint.”

In addition to its partnership with WasteWise, Shaw also participates in EPA’s SmartWay program for transportation-environmental excellence, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Save Energy Now Leader program and is a Founding Reporter to The Climate Registry. For more information visit