Tile Council of North America (TCNA) has updated the ANSI A108/A118/A136.1 American National Standard Specifications for the Installation of Ceramic Tile, which is now available. Revisions to the ANSI A108 installation standard and the ANSI A118 and A136.1 materials standards were made, including, for the first time ever, the addition of a minimum grout joint width recommendation.   

Also, changes were made to the way ANSI A118.10, A118.12 and 136.1 tests are performed (room temperature and humidity ranges were better defined for 118.10 and 118.12 testing, etc.).  These changes are intended to make testing methods and results more accurate and standardized.  Additionally, asphalt laminated paper was added as an acceptable vapor retarder membrane. 

The A108/A118/A136.1 publication is a compilation of voluntary standards for the installation of ceramic tile. American National Standard Specifications A108.01, .02, .1A, .1B, .1C, .4, .5, .6, .8, .9, .10, .11, .12, .13, .14, .15, .16, and .17 define the installation of ceramic tile. A118.1, .3, .4, .5, .6, .7, .8, .9, .10, .11, .12, and A136.1 define the test methods and physical properties for ceramic tile installation materials. These standards are intended to be referenced or included in the ceramic tile sections of project specifications.

For information regarding these standards or to order this publication, visit www.tileusa.com, or call the Tile Council at 864-646-8453.