Company Name: Advanced Adhesive Technologies, Inc.

Address: 419 South Glenwood Ave., Dalton, GA 30721



Phone: (800) 228-4583

Fax: (706) 278-6207

Adhesive Brands Names:

AAT-275 Ultra Premium Adhesive is specifically formulated for the heaviest commercial applications. This ultra-strong, zero VOC adhesive is excellent for woven carpets, those with stiff unitary backings, and attached cushion backings. AAT-275 Ultra Premium Adhesive is THE professional’s choice for Double-Glue and pattern matching applications.

AAT-420 Premium Vinyl and Plank Adhesive is a transitional PSA specifically formulated for installing solid vinyl plank, tile, and LVT. AAT-420 can be used on all grade levels over concrete and approved wood sub-floors in the absence of excessive moisture emissions and alkalinity. AAT-420 is moisture and alkali resistant and forms a tenacious, permanent bond. a

AAT’sE² Premium Hardwood Flooring Adhesive is the latest innovation in high performance hardwood flooring adhesives. Formulated for the installation of engineered plank, acrylic impregnated wood flooring, bamboo, solid shorts, pre-finished solid plank and parquet wood flooring, E² is the premiere choice for a 0 VOC, solvent free, professional grade wood flooring adhesive. E², and all ecologix adhesives, contribute to LEED credits in commercial interiors, new construction, and existing buildings.

Problemsolver U.R.A., Urethane Replacement Adhesive, is a high solids, water resistant, patented Tri-Polymer adhesive formulated for the installation of engineered plank, parquet, acrylic impregnated wood flooring, bamboo, solid shorts and pre-finished solid plank wood flooring. TheProblemsolver U.R.A. is a non-hazardous and VOC compliant wood flooring adhesive. The patented Tri-Polymer chemistry of the U.R.A. formula minimizes cupping or lifting of plank flooring.

AAT-1185 Moisture Emission Sealer is a water dispersion of proprietary polymers. It is nonflammable and environmentally compatible with all AAT adhesives and most fully cured, densified concrete sub-floors. AAT-1185 Moisture Emission Sealer creates an integral barrier film to prevent excessive moisture emissions from coming in direct contact with applications of adhesive and floor coverings. AAT-1185 can be installed via two distinct installation procedures one being for sub-floors having moisture emission levels at 7.9 pounds or below and the second where sub-floor emissions are up to 10.0 pounds per 1,000 square feet every 24 hours.

AAT-434 Premium Cork Tile Adhesive is a pure acrylic based adhesive specifically formulated for installing cork tile. This advanced formula is engineered to eliminate the time consuming process of applying adhesive to the back of the cork tile. The easy rolling formula speeds installation and saves time. AAT-434 can be used on all grade levels.

Problem Solver® Triton T4.0 Ultimate Multi-flooring Adhesive combats the flooring industry’s toughest challenge – wet slabs and high alkalinity. The Triton T4.0 is a one-step, high performance adhesive formulated for installing vinyl sheet, rubber tile, rubber sheet*, vinyl plank and broadloom carpet over porous sub-floors. Problem Solver’s new Triton T4.0 brings to the flooring contractor advanced technology to handle concrete substrates with a high moisture vapor emission rate, MVER, and sub-floor relative humidity, RH, without the need for moisture mitigation coatings. The adhesive is low odor, solvent free, 0 VOC and carries the Carpet and Rug Institute’s most stringent Green Label Plus certification. Triton T4.0 is ideal for demanding installations in healthcare, schools, hospitality, and other challenging commercial applications.

Ura-Bond Ultra Premium Seam Tape works well with newer backings such as SoftBac, Smart Bac, and Adback. Also the choice for ActionBac. Reduces seam peaking and prevents distortion of primary and secondary backings. The best choice for pattern matching, Ura-Bond adhesive bonds much quicker than conventional hot melt adhesives.

Company Name: Azrock

Address: 2728 Summer St., P.O. Box 3145, Houston, TX 77253



Phone: (800) 366-2689

Fax: (713) 869-5271

Adhesive Brands Names:

Tarkett Spray Smart Adhesive System

An adhesive system that saves you time and money -- now easier and more convenient!

120-SG Gold - for VET, SVT and LVT installations = 7 lbs. of moisture/ 11pH approx.

Coverage 150 sq. ft.

121-SG Platinum for VET, SVT and LVT installations = 10 lbs. moisture/12 pH approx. coverage 100 sq. ft.

122-SG Gold for VCT installations = 7 lbs. of moisture/11pH approx. coverage 250 sq. ft.

123-SG Platinum for VCt installations = 10 lbs. moisture/12 pH approx. coverage 175 sq. ft.

Company Name: Bona US

Address: 2550 South Parker Road, Suite 600, Aurora, CO, 80014



Phone: (800) 872-5515

Fax: (303) 307-5029

Adhesive Brands Names:

Bona R851 is a one-component, moisture curing, water and solvent free, silane-based adhesive for wood floors. Bona R851 provides outstanding adhesion to a variety of surfaces, and allows for the natural movement of wood flooring.


• High shear strength, optimum elasticity

• Water & solvent free

• Low VOCs – GREENGUARD certified

• Easy to apply – no arm fatigue

• Easy to clean – will not harm finish

• Exceptional green grab & ridge stability

Recommended use:

Commercial and residential. Use with solid or engineered prefinished and unfinished flooring; on, above, or below grade. May be used on both wood and concrete substrates.

Bona R580 moisture barrier sealer optimizes adhesion to, and provides a protective membrane over substrates where the moisture content exceeds 3# or 75% relative humidity. It is a moisture cured, solvent and water free, silane-based compound. It can be used as either a 1 or 2-component product.


• Dries in 2 hours

• Moisture protection up to 12#

• 1 or 2 component system

• Water & solvent free

• Low VOCs

• Self leveling

• Easy application & clean up

Recommended use:

Use on concrete, cementitious or wood substrates where moisture is a known or potential issue; where the moisture content is greater than 3# (Calcium Chloride test) or 75% relative humidity (RH probe test) but not greater than 12# or 90% relative humidity.

Company Name: Capitol Adhesives

Address: 300 Cross Plains Blvd., Dalton, GA 30722



Phone: (866) 435-8665

Fax: (561) 241-2830

Adhesive Brand Names:

Capitol Eagle Premium Multipurpose Flooring Adhesive is a high performing adhesive developed for the installation of most commercial carpet backings.  The adhesive can handle the toughest heavy traffic conditions.

Capitol C5 Wall Base Adhesive is developed for the installation of vinyl and rubber wall base.  This adhesive exhibits exceptional wet grab and then sets up to form a strong, long lasting bond.

Capitol 60 High Performance Acrylic Urethane Wood Flooring Adhesive is recommended for the installation of 3 and 5-ply engineered wood flooring.  This product makes installations easy with its early wet grab, great placement time and great bonding power.

Capitol PY30 PolyBond is a solvent-free polyvinyl acetate adhesive for installing drywall, hardboard, paneling and wood sheet of any type. It conforms to ASTM E-72 and ASTM C-557.

Capitol HP Construction Adhesive is specially formulated to permanently bond wood subfloors, plywood, paneling and fiber composition board. HP is excellent for exterior construction and decks. HP meets AFG-01 specifications for wall and subfloor field gluing as accepted by HUD-FHA “USE OF MATERIALS BULLETIN (UM-60a).” Bonds wet and frozen lumber.

Capitol TackBond Construction Adhesive is a very fast drying gun grade construction adhesive. TackBond’s fast drying performance makes it the ideal product for the installation of tackstrip on concrete surfaces. TackBond Construction Adhesive is the perfect choice for tackstrip installation and many other construction-related applications including the installation of reducer strips and thresholds, stair treads, metal moldings and trim, raised metal floor pedestals, ceramic tile fixtures and repairs.

Capitol PS100 Pressure Sensitive Adhesive is recommended for carpet tiles with a vinyl backing.  It develops its pressure sensitive characteristics quickly and remains pressure sensitive for the easy removal and replacement of tiles.  The solvent-free, earth friendly adhesive may qualify for one LEED point.

Company Name: Chemque

Address: 266 Humberline Dr., Rexdale, ON, Canada M9W 5X1



Phone: (800) 268-6111

Fax: (416) 679-0511

Adhesive Brand Names:

Fortane LD-Wood Flooring Urethane Adhesive with NO HOLLOW SPOT™ technology.

Fortane MVS-reduces moisture vapor to extremely low levels and provides enhanced acoustical properties.

Fortane CL-Environmentally Friendly Cleaner specifically formulated for removal of “wet” Fortane products.

Company Name: Custom® Building Products

Address: 13001 Seal Beach Blvd., Seal Beach, CA 90740


Phone: 800-272-8796

Fax: 800-200-7765

Adhesive Product Names:

OmniGrip® Maximum Strength Adhesive

OmniGrip’s unique, high polymer formula ensures exceptional coverage, with 33 percent less shrinkage than traditional adhesives, and superior bond strength.  It resists sagging and slipping, and is ideal for setting floor or wall tile up to 16” x 16”.

MegaFlex® Crack Prevention Mortar

MegaFlex delivers the absolute ultimate in both bond strength and flexibility for even the most demanding tile and stone installations.  It can withstand horizontal substrate movement of up to 1/8”, and installers appreciate its creamy consistency and extended open and adjustment times. MegaFlex provides up to 20 percent more coverage than typical thin-set mortars.    

MegaLite® Rapid Set Crack Prevention Mortar

This premium one-part mortar offers the most in high, fast bond strength and  flexibility for time-critical commercial and residential jobs, even under the most demanding conditions.  It does not require a two-part polymer additive, and allows grouting in under three hours and traffic in just six hours. 

ProLite™ Tile & Stone Mortar

Ideal for setting large format stone or tile, ProLite will not sag or slip on wall installations, and will not slump on floors.  Its high bond strength and flexibility make it ideal for most installations, and at 40 percent lighter weight than traditional mortars, it is easy to carry and use on the jobsite. 

VersaBond Fortified Thin-Set Mortar

This Polymer-modified thin-set mortar delivers economy and good bond strength for wall and floor tile installations.  VersaBond cures quickly, even in cold  climates, and bonds well to a wide range of tile, stone and substrate types.

Porcelain Tile Fortified Thin-Set Mortar

Porcelain Tile Fortified Thin-Set Mortar has a proprietary formula of polymers and high-grade cements developed specifically to bond impervious porcelain, glass and tile to concrete substrates, backerboards and self-leveling underlayments. 

Company Name: MAPEI Corporation

Address: 1144 E. Newport Center Dr., Deerfield Beach, FL 33442

Phone: 954-246-8799 Fax: 954-246-8801



Adhesive Brands Names:

Planiseal™ EMB premium epoxy moisture barrier for concrete substrates

Planiprep™ FF premium skimcoating and patching compound for patching or skimcoating minor surface defects on virtually any substrate

Ultraplan 1 Plus™ quick-setting, self-leveling, self-drying underlayment and repair mix for interior concrete and engineer-approved floors

Ultrabond® 990 premium urethane wood-flooring adhesive for installing virtually any engineered or solid wood flooring, including such exotics as teak, Brazilian cherry and bamboo

Ultrabond® 975 urethane adhesive specially designed for engineered wood flooring Planiseal™ WFM premium one-part urethane wood flooring membrane designed to protect glue-down wood-flooring installations from subfloor moisture damage

Ultrabond ECO® 360 premium hard-setting adhesive for solid vinyl sheet, tile and plank Ultrabond ECO® 285 premium wet-set carpet adhesive designed specifically for the installation of carpet with hot-melt backings

Company Name: Mer-Krete Systems

Address: 4125 E. La Palma Ave., #250, Anaheim, CA 92807


Phone: (800) 851-6303

Fax: (310) 320-4938

Adhesive Brand Names:

705 Pro Set Plus, 7d10 Dust Less Thin Set, 720 Marble Pro, 735 PremiumFlex, 801 Self Curing Thin Set, 820 Mer Lite Thin Set, Mer-Stik, and ProEpoxy

Company Name: ParaChem

Address: 836 SE Main St., Simpsonville, SC 29681



Phone: (864) 967-7691

Fax: (864) 228-1077

Adhesive Brands Names:

MicroFinish- premium skimcoating and patching compound for patching or skimcoating minor surface defects on any substrate.

PP+ - quality multi-purpose product designed for fast aced installer-use on concrete and exterior grade plywood subfloors.

PFU Thick Pour - self leveler repair, smooth and level interior floors up to 1-1/2”- high strength and compatible with all flooring adhesives.

Signature Series 4095 - superior performance premium carpet adhesive - guaranteed for the Life of the Floor Covering.

Signature Series 4099 - premium performance multi purpose adhesives for nearly all backings used commercial or residential.

Fusion Series 5009 - high performance, fast drying clear thin spread with extreme aggressive “tack”.

Fusion Series 5082 - transitional pressure sensitive for installation of Luxury Vinyl Tile and Vinyl Plank-cures to a hard bond.

Millennium  Series 2009 - quad -polymeric formula wood adhesive for engineered and solids, an acrylic that works like a urethane.

Millennium Series 2010- superior performance moisture cured urethane with excellent green strength and extensive shelf life.

MVR8000 - encapsulant/moisture vapor reducer - 1 part product-for concrete slabs with moisture levels up to 12lbs.

All our products are CRI GLP, LEED compliant and are compliant to South Coast Air Quality Management District Rule 1168.

Company Name: Roberts Consolidated Ind.

Address: 1001 Broken Sound Parkway, NW, Ste. A, Boca Raton, FL 33487



Phone: (800) 423-6545

Fax: (800) 423-6544

Adhesive Brand Names:

Roberts 3095 Premium Fast Grab Carpet Adhesive – Recommended for most commercial carpets and for double-bond carpet installations.  Roberts 3095 is a solvent free, environmentally friendly adhesive which may contribute towards one LEED point.  It is fast grabbing and rated for heavy commercial applications.

Roberts 2077 Premium Pressure Sensitive Carpet Tile Adhesive – Recommended for vinyl backed, modular carpet tiles.  Roberts 2077 is an environmentally friendly, solvent free adhesive which may contribute towards one LEED point.  Its high resistance to plasticizer migration and high shear strengths make it the perfect adhesive for grab and release carpet tile installations.  For a more permanent bond you may lay tiles into the product sooner.

Roberts 1408 Urethane Wood Flooring Adhesive – Recommended for glue down applications of solid wood, bamboo, engineered and acrylic impregnated plank, flat milled shorts and parquet.  This VOC compliant adhesive is rated for residential and commercial applications.  It forms a tenacious bond, yet is flexible and accommodates the natural movement of wood.

Roberts 7200 Premium Wall Base Adhesive – Recommended for vinyl, rubber, TPR and carpet wall base.  This solvent free formula offers optimum wet grab and corner wrapping holding power.  The wall base offers highly favored open time, tack and grab for fast and reliable installations.  7200 may contribute towards one LEED point.

Roberts 5505 Urethane Adhesive Remover – Recommended for the removal of urethane, epoxy and carpet adhesives.  This highly advanced, C.A.R.B. Compliant, biodegradeable cleaner is the perfect all around cleaner.

Roberts 6040 Premium Outdoor Carpet Adhesive – Recommended for most outdoor carpets; this professional, high performing, superior grade product performs in all types of weather conditions. This product is waterproof and performs in a wide array of temperatures.

Roberts 1167 Contact Cement and Tack Strip Adhesive – A high strength product that allows the installation of tackstrip, high pressure decorative laminates, leather, fabrics and rubber to porous and non-porous substrates.  1167 is a superior quality, multi-use, waterproof adhesive which dries rapidly and increases bond strength with age.

Roberts 2001 Premium Sheetgoods Adhesive – Recommended for residential and commercial felt-backed sheet vinyl.  Roberts 2001 was developed specifically for felt-back sheet vinyl and offers an exceptional installation experience.  This non-staining, white adhesive has the optimal open time and a great slip time to pattern match sheets.  Rated for heavy traffic commercial applications.

Company Name: Stauf Adhesives USA, LLC

Address: 6055 Primacy Pkwy., Ste 428, Memphis, TN 38119



Phone: (901) 820-0007

Fax: (901) 820-0101

Adhesive Brands Names:

WFR-930 Solva-Mastic for engineered flooring, alcohol based, no VOC’s

SMP-960 Superior for solid and engineered, MS polymer base, no VOC’s

SMP-960 One-Step: Sound & Moisture Barrier in 1 step

Company Name: Synthetic Surfaces, Inc.

Address: P.O. Box 241, Scotch Plains, NJ 07076



Phone: (908) 233-6803

Fax: (908) 233-6844

Adhesive Brand Names:

NORDOT® Adhesive #34N-2 Seam and repair adhesive for smooth surfaces. Also excellent for total glue-downs because of its extraordinary high green strength (grab).

NORDOT® Adhesive #34D-2 The original high green strength adhesive. Can be applied via trowel, squeegee and airless spray.

NORDOT® Adhesive #34G Great for rough surfaces like artificial turf seams, repairs and urethane/rubber roll goods.

NORDOT® Adhesive #34S-3 (Plus) Excellent for airless spraying onto porous surfaces. If done correctly, it does not clog the openings so that bonded surfaces remain porous.

NORDOT® Adhesive #113D & 116F New type for low ventilation indoor synthetic turf seaming and selected outdoor uses.

Company Name: TEC

Address:  1105 S. Frontenac St., Aurora, IL 60504


Phone:  800-832-9002

Fax:  800-952-2368

Adhesive brand names: 

Full Flex (latex-modified thin set), Super Flex (premium thin set), 3N1 (large format tile mortar), Double Duty Plus (mastic), 1Flex (crack isolation mortar)

Company Name: W.F. Taylor Co., Inc.

Address: 11545 Pacific Ave., Fontana, CA 92337


Fax: (951) 360-1177

Adhesive Brands Names:


Company Name: XL BRANDS

Address: 4284 S. Dixie Hwy., Resaca, GA 30735


Phone: (800) 367-4583

Fax: (888) 547-0098