All flooring installers have encountered situations throughout their careers that demanded special and immediate attention. Perhaps it was a problem that called for immediate resolution, or perhaps the product arrived somewhat differently than expected.  It may also have been an area that did not match what was ordered or any number of situations in which the professional installers always appear to find a way to make it work. 

Installation tips are very helpful; flooring installers sharing with others makes everyone’s work easier. We have received an abundance of ideas from installers who gladly share techniques that work for them.  It is possible that they may not work for you.  But, just in case you encounter a situation on the job; perhaps you’ll remember someone’s proven method that worked for them just at the right moment to achieve the ultimate goal, customer satisfaction.    

Ceramic Tile Installation Tips    

Roy Davison (MO)

It is very important when grouting ceramic floor tile, to let the grout firm up before cleaning the film off the tile. If there are wider joints that take longer to set up or if there is concern that the tile will not clean up well if you wait, try “blanketing.”  Use a wet, but well-wrung towel and drag it diagonally across the face of the tile.  The wet towel will clean the face of the tile and float over the joints without disturbing them.  It is also very important to have the towel wrinkle-free and flat to clean the face of the tile properly.

Robert Henry (MO)

When installing sheet vinyl over concrete, prevent air bubbles from forming under the vinyl by allowing the adhesive more open time than normal.  This allows the gases to flash off instead of being trapped under the vinyl.  When installing over wood flooring, the adhesive can also dry through the floor so the gases are not trapped.  This is not the case with concrete.  Another big help is when walking down the vinyl, use a wide push broom to push out trapped air before actually “walking” on the vinyl that is to be glued. Hardwood Flooring Installation Tips  

Jon Namba (UT)

Having difficulty with adhesive haze on prefinished hardwood floors?  Urethane adhesive remover works much better than paint thinner to remove the moisture-cured urethane on prefinished hardwood floors. Apply a small amount of urethane adhesive remover on a white cotton towel.  Wipe off adhesive residue from the floor surface. Next, use a dry, clean white cotton towel to wipe up any remaining residue.  For convenience, several manufacturers have small towels moistened with urethane adhesive remover.     Laminate Flooring Installation Tips   

Bradley Bitter (PA)

When installing laminate flooring, shave the small lip on the (female) end of the plank to help in areas like toe-kicks where you cannot get the board in at an angle.  This procedure allows you to snap the board in at a level position.