Välinge said Kährs is the first wood flooring licensee using Välinge’s latest technology, 5G-S. Välinge and Kährs have signed a global license agreement which gives Kährs the right to produce and sell wood floor featuring the 5G-S fold down locking system. The system, based on side-push technology, has been adjusted for Kährs with a displaceable wood-based tongue.

According to Välinge, the 5G-S system is compatible with the existing 5G system and production equipment, and the tongue can be made in wood-based or plastic-based material. In production it uses the by Välinge developed Screw Cutter tooling system.

"Välinge is very pleased that Kährs is the first company to utilize the new 5G-S technology," said Darko Pervan, Välinge Innovation's CEO. "We are also proud that Kährs have taken the direction of working closer to Välinge in regards to development, laboratory resources and strategies. Kährs is a company that has seen the potential in Välinge’s new R&D center and we welcome their intention to use our facility and the know-how and experience we have in order to improve their quality and technology even further."

"We see Välinge as a valuable and strategic partner in product development and innovation, and we are pleased to announce that Kährs is now in the process to launch Woodloc Next Generation," added Per Skarner, CEO of Kährs and NFI.