Josef Erlebach spent 18 years setting tile in his native Belgium and the United States before he had enough of the time and costs associated with installing custom shower pans for tile and stone installations. Finally in 2008, Erlebach, now living in the Rocky Mountain region of Colorado, developed an innovative linear slot drain and launched Quick Drain USA to the building community. Thin, unobtrusive, and more aesthetically pleasing than the traditional center round drain, Quick Drain USA offers major time and labor saving benefits for architects, designers, homeowners and commercial contractors.

Quick Drain USA linear slot drains can shrink a 10-hour job down to less than two hours, and the low-profile stainless steel drain is ideal for showers, deck drains, pool drains, public shower trenches and trough drain applications.

“Installing a shower pan the old traditional way is very labor intensive,” said Erlebach. “You have to put your best installer in the bathroom to get it done. I thought let’s make it easier. With our Quick Drain product it’s one slope to one line and you’re done. That’s opposed to the old method that required a four-way slope, twice, which is tremendously labor intensive. I wanted to find a better product and since there wasn’t one we developed one. Instead of 10 hours installing a shower pan it takes us an hour and a half. And it looks better. The last building project we were specified in we saved the contractor $150,000 on time and labor costs.”

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