Mohawk Industries is launching a major, in-store advertising campaign to promote its use of Dow Flooring’s latex carpet backing made using LOMAX Technology. The technology is made in a plant that uses methane gas collected from a nearby landfill for power, creating a durable and green latex backing according to Dow. The system relies on renewable energy sources, and is aimed at reducing emissions.

“LOMAX Technology takes advantage of an unused resource, replacing natural gas and creating a positive environmental impact,” said David Duncan, Mohawk's vp Marketing. “Through our GreenWorks platform, we are continually looking for ways to make our total manufacturing process--from raw materials to delivered products--more environmentally sound. Dow's LOMAX technology is a perfect example of a supplier stepping up to bring us an excellent environmental product."  

To highlight the green benefits of its flooring, Mohawk has rolled out a point of sale campaign across thousands of retailers to promote the environmental attributes of its SmartStrand carpets, which include latex from LOMAX Technology. As part of the event, swing tags and brochures carrying information about LOMAX Technology will be featured with the products.

Mohawk is one of the first companies to use the latex backings featuring the relatively new technology, and is the largest user of such material in residential carpet manufacturing, Dow said.  

LOMAX Technology centers around the Dow Emulsion Polymers plant in Dalton, Ga., which recovers methane gas emitted by a nearby landfill -- gas which would otherwise escape to the atmosphere. The methane is used to drive steam generators to power the plant, replacing natural gas and taking advantage of an unused resource.

“We’re delighted that Mohawk Industries have proved to be such strong supporters of our innovative technology,” said Todd Crook, global marketing manager for Dow Flooring. “We hope this new campaign will help raise awareness of the more sustainable options increasingly opening up to the market through the combined efforts of companies such as Dow and forward-thinking customers such as Mohawk.”

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