Several new members of the flooring industry have joined the INSTALL alliance. Also, several members are publicly recommending INSTALL trained and certified flooring mechanics to install their materials.

New members are: InterfaceFLOR, Northwest Carpets, All Floor Supplies, Burke Flooring, CombiMix, Dramatic Surface Products, Fortune Contract, UFloor Systems, and Chemque. Pro Wood and Flooring Systems, Moreland Company USA, Signature Hospitality Carpets, Free Lay Carpets, LLC., Healthier Choice Flooring, LLC, Burtco Enterprises, Oscada Plastics, SnapStone, Carpet Claw and Tai-Ping Carpets.

INSTALL officials are now working with the flooring industry to help assure quality product installation. Many are responding. Bentley Prince Street led the drive with the following letter:

To whom this may concern:

Bentley Prince Street strongly recommends INSTALL trained and certified mechanics for installation of our highly styled commercial carpet to enhance its long term performance through keen attention to manufacturer’s requirements and industry standards. We believe INSTALL-trained professionals consistently help deliver the kind of finished installation our customers expect from their investment in quality carpet. - Chris Drummond, Vice President of Customer Quality Assurance, Bentley Prince Street

Other companies issuing similar statements include Kahrs International Engineered Hardwood Flooring, Burtco Enterprises, Omnimart Distributors, Inc., Daltonian Flooring, Kane Carpets, Northwest Carpets, Fortune Contract, Orcon Products, and Couristan Carpets, Moreland Company USA, Signature Hospitality Carpets, Free Lay Carpets, LLC., Omnimart Distributions, Mannington and Healthier Choice Flooring, LLC.

“INSTALL gives the flooring community a tangible solution to installation issues that have plagued this industry for years,” said John McGrath, director of INSTALL. “More companies are joining our effort every day and others are formally recommending our trained professionals for their product installations.” These are necessary steps for our industry and I urge others to join in. Installation concerns will lessen as INSTALL specifications increase.”

For more information about INSTALL, contact John McGrath at 215-582-4108,, or visit