Flooring installation systems manufacturer MAPEI has created an advisory board representing the contractor community to “help the company better understand the voice of the customer and more closely match future product development with contractor needs,” the company says.  

“As a result of our meetings with the MAPEI Contractor Council, we have evaluated existing products and have generated new product ideas that are pointing us in the direction of innovation and growth,” said Brian Pistulka, MAPEI New Business Development Manager and the director of the Contractor Council. “From their in-depth expertise in the field, these professionals have been able to help us review developmental products for project direction and tailor services and programs that will benefit them and their industry.”

The MAPEI Contractor Council was developed to help define industry issues and predict future trends. As part of the program, MAPEI encourages an open dialogue with rotating sets of flooring contractors from across the country. The “Invitation Only” meetings focus on discussion, where participants are encouraged to “call it the way you see it” and give honest and incisive feedback from hands-on demos. The sessions are real world focused on challenges the contractors face daily, and brainstorming is used to suggest solutions MAPEI can provide through its Research & Development Department.  

“We are achieving a much deeper understanding of what they need to succeed,” Pistulka added.”