Francois Bouan

"Fritz" Weisend

ParexLahabra, the parent company of building material brands Parex, LaHabra, El Rey Stucco, Teifs, Mer-Krete and Mer-Ko, has announced the retirement of ParexLahabra, Inc. president Francois Bouan effective Oct. 1., 2009. He will be succeeded as ParexLahabra’s president by current executive vice president, Rodrigo Lacerda.

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Francois for over 16 years”, said Buck Buchanan, vice president of sales and marketing at ParexLahabra. “During a conversation in 1996 I informed him he would become the next president of EIMA. Some found it humorous a French man was to be president of a growing American trade association. His personality served him well and at the end of his term, as EIMA president, he was a very highly respected and strong leader.”

In 1991, Bouan was promoted to executive vice president of Parex, becoming president in January 1992. He also served on the board of the EIFS Industry Manufacturers Association (EIMA) from 1991-2000 and as president from 1996-1998.

On July 31, 2009, Fritz Industries’ founder Charles Frederick “Fritz” Weisend passed away peacefully in his sleep following a brief illness. He was 83.

He started Fritz Chemical Company in Mesquite, TX, in 1956 and incorporated in 1959. Since 1993, the company has been known as Fritz Industries, Inc. In 1962, Fritz introduced his first flooring product, Fritztile, a terrazzo tile of epoxy resin binder and genuine marble aggregates. This product evolved into a modified polyester resin binder and became the first flexible terrazzo tile.

In 1993, Fritz introduced the first commercial floor patch and self-leveling underlayments made of fly ash. “Fritz was an innovator, entrepreneur and visionary not only in the flooring industry but the other divisions of Fritz Industries,” the company noted.

He has served as president on the Board of Directors for the Dallas Society or Crippled Children and Adults, an affiliate local agency of the National Easter Seals Society for Crippled Children and Adults.

His loved ones, friends, and generations of employees say Fritz will be missed. “He wasn’t just responsible for giving us a place to work; he was responsible for providing miracles and a family atmosphere that made it an honor to come to work each and every day.”