Wilsonart launched a new website to present a comprehensive view of what the company has done and will continue to do as a responsible partner in global environmental stewardship.  The site, www.sustain.wilsonart.com, presents a balanced view of how the company’s products and processes fit into the larger sustainability picture, the company said.  

“For more than 50 years, being a responsible member of the global community has been woven into the culture of Wilsonart,” said Rajesh Ramamurthy, director of sustainability.  “As our manufacturing and distribution networks have expanded worldwide, our impact on the environment has become increasingly important.  But the fact is, environmental stewardship has always been our policy of good business.  Sustainable processes and products are clearly opportunities for innovation and development, and we are proud to lead the way for the decorative surfacing industry.”

Under Ramamurthy’s direction, Wilsonart has worked closely with all parts of the company to identify and monitor programs, many of which were already in place, and to develop a plan for continuous improvement in incorporating all aspects in the company’s products and processes.  Already this year, the company’s key products (Laminate, Flooring and Solid Surface) have been certified for recycled content by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), the global leader and third-party endorser of environmental sustainability claims. 

From programs that help employees work and grow in a safe, healthy environment to detailed information about the sustainability story for each Wilsonart product, sustain.wilsonart.com takes a holistic approach to presenting the company’s commitment to their industry partners in providing environmentally sound solutions, the company said.