The Flooring Installation Services company installation team that attended the CFI Carpet Training event in Old Bridge, N.J.

Jim Walker demonstrates the CFI method of stair upholstery at Flooring Installation Services in Old Bridge, N.J.

International Certified Floorcovering Installers Association (CFI) members Jim Walker, Jon Namba, Ed Braile and Cynthia Aufiero recently completed a two-day, hands-on skills carpet workshop for residential installers in Old Bridge, N.J.  This was an intensive educational event that resulted in 22 installers achieving the R-I and C-I CFI Carpet Certification.  The installation manager, Alan Feinstein of Flooring Installation Services of Old Bridge, N.J., was ecstatic over the success of the event. 

“We have never received this type of one-on-one training in our workroom,” Feinstein said.  “I attended the CFI Installation Inspector Conference in Kansas City and was impressed with the methods and knowledge that the CFI Team shares.  Immediately upon returning to work, we made the decision to bring this information to our group.  We had all the tools, but because of the lack of training in our industry, few installers have the opportunity to learn the correct methods from the onset of their careers.  They learn from others.  If that person is working according to the requirements of the trade, that is one thing.  But, most often, they are unaware of the newer, improved methods that help the job run smoother.” 

“CFI’s strong point is relating to others,” Feinstein continued.  “When Jim Walker gave his motivational speech about pride, he had my group.  They arrived the following morning one-half hour early to make certain they were not held up in traffic.  They were not ready to leave when the day was over.  They learned the best methods of seaming, stair upholstery, installation of runners, powerstretching, pattern matching and an abundance of information concerning substrate preparation requirements.” 

“Jon Namba and Ed Braile were actively involved with assisting our team to improve and add to their skills.  This type of training includes each installer and gives them an opportunity to participate.  This is what we liked most about the skills training because the installers learn much more by being involved than by sitting in a classroom listening to someone give them instructions.”

“It has been one week since the CFI Team was here and we have installed thousands of yards of carpet and not one complaint has been received.  We have offered the installation team dinner for them and their families if this continues throughout the month of October,” said Feinstein.

“We have already contacted the CFI National Office and scheduled advanced training in the early part of next year and also some hard surface training.  Our goal is to deliver the finest installations in New Jersey and we are on the way to making this happen.  I highly recommend CFI training and encourage all dealers and workrooms to get involved.  You can’t lose when your customers are satisfied,” Feinstein concluded.

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