HomerWood Hardwood Flooring, a wholly owned subsidiary of Armstrong World Industries, announced its Titusville, Pa. manufacturing plant has received Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody certification. FSC provides third-party certification confirming that materials used are harvested from well-managed forests.

“We are guided by the principle that a well-managed forest is healthier and more productive,” said Kathleen Barker, vo operations, HomerWood. “We recognize the importance of protecting the environment, using resources intelligently, recycling and reducing waste.”

The lumber needed for the FSC-certified flooring will come from numerous mills in the Appalachian region, many of which already supply lumber to HomerWood. “The majority of the flooring we make has always originated from FSC-certified vendors,” Barker added.

HomerWood said it ensures all sourced material is purchased from suppliers who are concerned about the preservation of natural resources. The plant was originally certified in the late 1990s for Chain of Custody by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) – the same body which issued the current documentation – before FSC certification was widely acknowledged or requested. HomerWood also is a longstanding member of the Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers, Inc.  

In order to produce its authentic Character flooring, the company carefully customizes its purchase of raw materials. This unique selection procedure is instrumental in the floor’s visual outcome and results in zero-waste processing of raw materials, according to the company.

FSC-certified hardwood flooring will be available for any current species within the HomerWood solid hardwood product line beginning March 1, and must be specified at time of order. HomerWood’s FSC Code # is SCS-COC-002966. For more information, or to locate a HomerWood dealer, visitwww.homerwood.com.