Pictured (L to R): Rick Rollins, RHC Director of Specifications; Bart Rogers, RHC Vice President of Sales and Marketing; Don Miller, RHC President & CEO; John Rogers, Roppe Sales Representative; Mike Tierney, Roppe National Sales Manager

Roppe Corporation recently named John Rogers as the inaugural winner of the 2009 Roppe Architectural Impact Award.

This award is given to the representative with the greatest specification impact not only on his or her market but also including specification impact on the entire nation.  John has been on the Roppe staff since April of 1997 covering the Southeastern Texas, Southern Louisiana, Mississippi and Western Tennessee markets.

“John has consistently created Roppe specifications affecting projects in his market and projects on a national basis”, said Rick Rollins, RHC Director of Specifications.  “We are now happy to have an award recognizing such an effort.”