The National Wood Flooring Association is offering a new financial service for its members, B2B CFO, a service designed to confidentially help small to mid-market companies understand and control their financial performance.  Three services are available.

NWFA members can call a financial management hotline toll-free at 800-422-4556 to ask any financial-related question.  The NWFA will transfer the call to a dedicated financial expert with experience in the wood flooring industry.  This service is free to NWFA members.

NWFA members also can receive a financial analysis of up to three years worth of financial data.  The analysis compares the member’s financial performance to industry peers in the same revenue level, with suggestions for improvement.  This service is $325.

A free on-site financial assessment also is available.  The assessment includes interviews with key personnel and an accounting process review.  The resulting report will suggest courses of action.  The member company then has the option to contract for additional services to address and fix areas of concern.  The fee for this service is determined by the requirements of the project.

For more information about B2B CFO, contact the NWFA by calling (800) 422-4556, or visit them on-line at