The University of Ceramic Tile and Stone (Uof CTS) is launching its newest online course, Understanding the Basics of Natural Stone. It offers a comprehensive look at the stone industry from ancient uses and geology to quarrying, fabrication, installation and advice on how to win over customers.

Tuition is $115 per person and once registered, students have 14 days to complete the course which is accessible online, 24/7. Students can print a diploma, worthy of framing, when they have passed all lesson assessments. The UofCTS also offers volume discounts.

Understanding the Basics of Natural Stone has been created with salespeople, installers and design professionals in mind, as well as business owners. The course is conveniently available online, which makes it very cost effective for companies to train staff members and customers. There are no travel expenses or lost productivity, and it is accessible wherever there is an internet connection. Students can logon 24/7 and can set their own pace.

The Uof CTS has taken care to cover the subjects that anyone working with stone should know. The course’s Table of Contents include:  Introduction and History of Natural Stone, Stone Geology and Formation, Stone Quarry Mining, Stone Processing and Fabrication, Stone Countertops, Stone Installations, Vertical Applications: Exterior Veneers and Interior Walls, Stone Selection and Design, Stone Care and Maintenance, Giving the Customer a Choice. 

For further information about the UofCTS training services, call (866) 669-1550 or visit the Ceramic Tile and Stone Consultant's website at