Shaw’s premium fiber brand, Anso nylon, plans to launch a new advertising campaign in January. The campaign -- named “Anso? Hope so.” -- highlights people experiencing dramatic, real-life spills, and poses the question, “Anso? Hope so.”

The ads also tout new Anso nylon limited lifetime stain and soil, and limited lifetime pet stain warranties.

According to Mike Leary, Shaw’s director of Anso nylon, the campaign delivers “powerful and relevant materials to Shaw customers by embracing the changing behavior of today’s consumer.”

“In the past, Anso nylon has focused its messaging around style, design and sustainability,” said Leary. “The Anso? Hope so. campaign not only highlights these important attributes, but evolves with the ever-changing consumer mindset as it presents Anso nylon carpet as long-lasting, stain-resistant and real life friendly. And the proof is in the warranty.”

The campaign development and warranty restructure is rooted in consumer research, according to Leary. Shaw’s 2009 research results revealed a significant increase in the importance of warranty to the consumer. Additionally, the research showed that consumers rank quality and durability among the top important attributes when considering a flooring purchase.

“We’re pleased to bring this message forward in store with attention-grabbing graphics, enhanced retail sales associate incentives and invaluable tools -- all dedicated to assisting Shaw retailers in closing more sales,” he added.

The campaign will include: the launch of Limited Lifetime Stain and Soil and Limited Lifetime Pet Stain Warranties; an updated Capture the Spirit Retailer Sales Associate (RSA) program; “Anso? Hope so.” Consumer Brochures and a Shaw Warranty Brochure covering all warranties; a Shaw Warranty RSA Pocket Guide; Limited Lifetime Warranty Product Clip on tags; along with in-store POP Kits; a “Torture Test” to be announced Jan. 7; and Post-torture test in-store support.

“It’s time to powerfully communicate the durability story of Anso nylon with realistic and attention-grabbing graphics and product performance facts that support the message,” said Kathy Young, Shaw’s director of creative services. “We have listened to Shaw customers and studied our consumer research. From Shaw’s patented R2X stain and soil repellency, to SoftBac backing system, to the new limited lifetime warranties, Anso nylon is a win for all of us -- and we’re giving our customers the tools to make it a great 2010.”

“Anso? Hope so.” brochures and POP are available starting Jan. 1 on For more information, contact your local Shaw territory manager.