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School Floor Bonded with MAPEI VCT Adhesive

The Renaissance Charter School of St. Lucie, located in Port St. Lucie, Florida, is a tuition-free public charter school serving students in kindergarten through the 8th grade. The school, which opened in time for the 2009-2010 school year, provides students with the tools and skills to develop superior levels of achievement by providing a quality and challenging curriculum.

Part of getting the new school ready for opening day was the installation of 86,000 square feet of Armstrong Standard Excelon vinyl composition tile (VCT). Acousti Engineering of West Palm Beach, Florida, did much of the interior work on the school; and Jason Whitney led the Acousti team that installed the VCT, using MAPEI’s Ultrabond ECO® 711 thin-spread VCT adhesive. They completed the entire area in just 15 days, keeping the school opening on schedule. Ultrabond ECO 711, which has been reformulated to provide even faster dry times, enhanced grab and greater slip resistance, helped contribute to the fast pace. The adhesive’s low odor and ultra-low VOC levels made it an ideal choice for use in the school environment.

“We began the work by skimcoating about 80,000 square feet of the surface with MAPEI’s Planiprep™ FF to produce a durable, smooth surface for us to install the VCT on,” Whitney said. “The school owners asked us to create designs in the predominantly beige-colored tile to give added dimension to the spaces. We made patterns in the hallways with a green tile and in the classrooms with a darker tan tile.”

One of the major issues with meeting the construction deadlines was the need for other trades to access the floors with heavy ladders and scissor-lifts almost immediately after the installation was complete in a given area. “By using the ECO 711, we were able to test the tiles for slippage a half hour after installation, and they couldn’t be budged,” Whitney said. “When we came to the final inspection, we were handed a zero punch list – we didn’t have to fix a single tile. Our MAPEI representative was on site the day we arrived and followed our work throughout the installation, ready to give us any support we needed. At Acousti we are proud of the work we do, and each job well done helps us to get the next project. We really enjoyed using the ECO 711, and we’ll use it again.”  

Stauf Wood Floor Adhesives

Forget About Hollow Spots with WFR-930!

  Stauf’s WFR-930 Solva Mastic for wood floors is an alcohol-based, high-strength adhesive that virtually eliminates those irritating call backs you get for hollow spots. WFR-930 grabs quickly, firmly, and is so strong it pulls the wood floor to the sub floor as it cures.

WFR-930 also spreads easily for a faster, less-tiring installation. Because it is a wet lay, no rolling adhesive, you’ll be done sooner.

It will clean easily with Acetone or Mineral Spirits when wet- or when dried! (That includes your hands and tools, too.)

It contains no water, no chlorinated solvents, and no health hazards.

And it has no isocyanates (like urethane adhesives do) to etch the finish of that beautiful wood floor you are installing.

So go home earlier and leave the job confident you’ll not have irritating call backs for hollow spots again. Grab some Stauf WFR-930 for your next wood floor job today.

1-866-GLUE USA.   



A Revolution Is at Our Feet!

  Installing a radiant floor heating system traditionally meant adding a few days to the overall project time. Doubling up the plywood to support a tile floor covering, installing the floor heating system, glazing over the cables, waiting the appropriate drying time and then laying the tiles required between three or four days of labor.

FLEXTHERM was able to substantially reduce this process by introducing its new FLEXSnap™ installation system. It is easy to install and will allow for a much faster delivery of completed projects.

One of the benefits of FLEXSnap is that the plastic mesh replaces the second layer of plywood usually needed to increase the floor’s rigidity and stability. FLEXSnap has been tested by the TCNA and was rated “Extra Heavy”.

Once the plastic mesh has been laid down and covers the entire floor, the Green Cable™ Surface can be installed, while standing, using the FLEXGlide™ installation tool.  It is the perfect complement to FLEXTHERM’s heating cable and makes installation a breeze.

Once the cable has been installed, it is time to lay down the tiles. This is where customers will benefit from the biggest time savings. Using the flat side of a trowel, a polymer-modified dry-set mortar can be glazed directly over the installation. The cement adhesive can then be applied and the tiles can be laid on that same spot, right away. No need to wait for the glazing to dry before laying the tiles. All that will be left to do is the grout, once the floor has dried enough to walk on it.

FLEXSnap also offers many more benefits. The mesh protects the heating cable against impact damages that can occur during the installation. This is a big advantage as most damages to the cable occur during installation. Clients will also enjoy a more even heat distribution on the floor surface thanks to the bigger thermal mass. And finally, the system reduces the overall height of the floor to achieve a more uniform transition with an adjoining hardwood floor.

Contact FLEXTHERM today to learn more about this revolutionary new installation system and the complete line of electric radiant floor heating products.

www.flextherm.com. 1-800-FLEXTHERM (353-9843)


Titebond 571 keeps sound and moisture out and costs down.

Franklin International

Titebond Helps Installers Save Money and Time

  Titebond® 811 Advantage urethane wood flooring adhesive, from Franklin International, can save flooring installers time, money – and hassle – when laying parquet, engineered and solid wood flooring.

Titebond 811 Advantage simplifies flooring installation from beginning to end.  It combines the trowelling ease of a water-based adhesive with the strength, durability and performance of a polyurethane product.  It also is visible when wet, making cleanup easier when installation is complete.  Although designed to last the lifetime of the floor, 811 Advantage also lends itself to easier tear-outs and repairs down the road.

Beyond ease of use, Titebond 811 Advantage also reduces cost through a special “non-slump” formula. When an adhesive slumps, the trowelled adhesive ridge loses its form upon application, requiring the installer to apply more adhesive.  Because it retains its ridges, 811 Advantage helps to minimize hollow and popping spots and requires less adhesive per square foot, saving significant money over time.

This adhesive also enables faster installation than similar products.  Titebond 811 Advantage contains no water and is 95 percent solids.  This, along with the product’s moisture-cure characteristics, enable the installer to save installation time by “wet laying” the adhesive rather than “dry laying,” or “flashing,” it.  The wet lay method enables the installer to begin laying wood flooring immediately after trowelling the adhesive.  The floor is finished more quickly, and the installer can move on to the next job.

With an eye to providing flooring installers a full line of high-performance products, Franklin International has developed Titebond 811 Advantage to work with another advanced product, Titebond 571 Sound & Moisture Control System.  Titebond 571 provides a solution to reduce both sound and moisture transmission through on- and above-grade concrete subfloors.

The product is less expensive to purchase and quicker to apply than conventional sound-reduction systems, such as cork or sound underlayment. Yet, it is equally or more effective as a sound barrier – and simultaneously provides a strong barrier to potentially damaging moisture vapor.  Titebond 571 achieves an IIC rating of 69 and an STC rating of 66, making it an extremely effective and cost-effective sound and moisture barrier.

Titebond 571 includes an extended warranty when used as directed for on-  and above-grade subfloors with Titebond 811 Advantage or with select other Titebond flooring adhesives, including Titebond 821 Premium or Titebond 741 Ultimate.

As an added plus, both Titebond 811 Advantage Flooring Adhesive and 571 Sound & Moisture Control System bear the GREENchoice mark, indicating that they are safe for the installer and environment.  

For More Information: www.titebond.com



MagBacker™ is a Class “A” fire-rated, moisture resistant high-performance tile backer, floor underlayment, and wet area panel that is resistant to mold, mildew and insects, while being 25% lighter and 20% stronger than other panels used in the residential and commercial construction industry.

MagBacker™ is free of both gypsum and Portland-based cement. It is also produced with 20% recycled post-industrial waste, and 15% recycled post-industrial “no added urea formaldehyde” wood cellulose fiber. The production process is chemically reacted, which requires less energy to produce - potentially leaving a lower carbon footprint compared to similar traditional building products.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) points can be awarded for indoor air quality for “no added urea formaldehyde,” which naturally resists mold and mildew. Additionally, MagBacker™ surface construction is paperless and has no living food source, which can also mitigate mold/mildew growth.

MagBacker™ panels can be cut three ways: with snips; a utility knife; or power tools. Due to the fine inherit dust generated when cutting with power tools, wearing safety glasses and a Niosh-approved dust mask is recommended. MagBacker™ can be recycled to divert construction debris from landfills or incinerators.

Potential LEED points when using MagBacker™:

•           Indoor air quality; EQ 4.3 & 4.4

•            Construction IAQ management Plan; 3.0 & 3.1

•    Waste construction management; 2.1 & 2.2

•    Recycled content; 4.1 & 4.2

•          Building durability; MR8

MagBacker™ is produced in thicknesses from 1/4” to 1/2” and available in panel sizes of 3’x 5’, 4’x4’ and 4’x8’. For more information, please contact MagBacker™ at (866) 610-0359.


  Ardex & Henry Innovation Leadership

In the face of the current economic climate, ARDEX & HENRY remain aggressive as the industry innovation leaders with the development of several new products this year including some industry firsts to meet market demands, deliver added value and provide our customers a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace.

ARDEX and HENRY always deliver premium, high-performance products that decrease project time, minimize risk and reduce overall job costs while still providing dependable and long-lasting solutions for any type of flooring installation. The result is the ultimate peace of mind in knowing that the job will be done right the first time…every time!

ARDEX K 301™ Exterior Self-Leveling Concrete Topping & Underlayment

· Industry first high-performance exterior self-leveler

·Makes damaged or spalled concrete look like new

·Fast-setting, walk on in 2 - 3 hours

·Also ideal as an indoor underlayment that will still be exposed to weather during new construction or renovations 

ARDEX EB 2™ Fast Setting Screed Cement

·Interior or exterior screed mortar beds

·Deep fill or tile & stone underlayment

·Lay tile in just 3 hours

·Excellent for high traffic areas

·Use for all types of floor coverings

ARDEX FORTI FINISH™ High Strength, Self-Drying

Finishing Underlayment

·Protects flooring with heavy load, hard wheel traffic

·Ideal for hospitals, large retail, hospitality & convention facilities

·High compressive strength (7,800+ psi)

·Install most flooring in 15 – 30 minutes

·Easy to mix & apply

HENRY 582 LinoLock™ Premium Linoleum Sheet Flooring Adhesive

·High early strength development

·Long working time

·Excellent ultimate bond strength

·Easy to trowel

ARDEX MicroScreed™ Underlayment System

ARDEX MicroScreed Underlayment™

ARDEX GreenBloc™

Barrier Membrane

·Excellent for the most difficult substrates

·Virtually no substrate prep required

·Ideal for covering VAT

·Installs ½” to any thickness

·Walk on in just 3 hours

ARDEX X 77 MICROTEC™ Premium Thin Set Mortar

ARDEX X 78 MICROTEC™ Premium Pourable Thin Set Mortar

·Higher bond strength

·Greater flexibility

·Longer open times

·Greater yield

·Blend of high-performance microfibers with ARDEX specialty polymer cements

W.F. Taylor

W.F. Taylor introduces Meta-Tec MS-Plus ADVANCE Wood Flooring Adhesive

  Never satisfied with the status quo, W. F. Taylor introduces its new Taylor Meta-Tec MS Plus Advance Wood Flooring Adhesive. With the introduction of this advanced next generation adhesive, W.F. Taylor has enhanced its highly successful 100% solids Meta-Tec MS Plus modified silane polymer Wood Flooring Adhesive to offer even higher performance and greater user friendliness.

In addition to excellent bonding properties for all types of wood flooring and bamboo, Taylor Meta-Tec MS Plus Advance now offers excellent concrete moisture inhibition and sound deadening properties in a single one coat application. Using the Taylor Glide-On trowel (available through W.F. Taylor), a single adhesive coat is applied, and the flooring can be immediately laid into the adhesive. This application method saves time and money for the end user while helping to protect the flooring from excessive concrete moisture up to 85% relative humidity. The Glide On application also provides excellent sound inhibition ratings in accordance with ASTM standards Impact Insulation Class (IIC) 66 with ceiling ASTM E 492-04, without ceiling 52  and Sound Transmission Class (STC) with ceiling 65 ASTM E 90-04 and 51 without ceiling.

Further enhancements include extension of the working time of to lay into the adhesive up to 70 minutes dependent on job site conditions. Trowel ridge retention has been improved to create better handling and troweling and improved adhesive transfer to the back of the flooring. This improved MS-Plus ADVANCE RHEOLOGY now offered in four gallon pails gives the user the ability to ship 50% more adhesive per pallet, saving on freight and number of units required for the installation.

With these advanced enhancements, Taylor Meta-Tec MS Plus Advance Wood Flooring Adhesive retains all of the outstanding properties that have made it the most advanced wood flooring adhesive on the market. Taylor Meta-Tec MS Plus Advance is a 100% solids solvent free, isocyanate free and water free adhesive with exceptional early green grab, and may be used to install all types of wood and bamboo flooring. Meta-Tec MS Plus Advance, along with Taylor 2071 and Taylor 2051, are the only wood flooring adhesives certified by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute for low VOC’s, thus meeting all indoor air quality requirements, and earning LEED credits.

The inclusion of the patented Meta-Tec® cross-linking chemistry with modified silane polymer moisture cure properties give Taylor MS Plus Advance a unique dual curing system that is unmatched by any other modified silane polymer based products currently on the market.

Taylor continues to be the undisputed leader in flooring adhesive technology, consistently incorporating product performance advancement to offer the installer advantages they need. Visit your Taylor product distributor today! For more information contact W.F. Taylor at 800-868-4583 Ext. 221 or e-mail info@wftaylor.com.  

TURBO Heating Welding Tools

Linoleum and Green Seam Treatment by TURBO: The Green Alternative

  Linoleum floors continue to grow in popularity in the healthcare environment, largely due to its environmental and hygienic properties. To ensure the highest level of sanitization, welding the seams to prevent dirt, germs and liquids from seeping into the seams is a critical step in the installation process. 

Unfortunately, welding linoleum-type flooring is one of the most difficult tasks for the installer. Unlike thermoplastic floorings, such as PVC, where heat welding can be used to fuse seams together, a more powerful approach must be used on non-thermoplastic linoleums. Often, “Hot Melting” and “Hot Filling” are more appropriate terms for linoleum seam treatments.

Grooving the seam

 Since the welding thread and flooring do not fully fuse together, the groove seam must be grooved down to the jute backing so that the welding thread can rest on and anchor to the jute backing. Compared to PVC, linoleum is harder and more brittle, causing the groove edges to become rugged and fragile. To prevent edges from breaking, the grooving area is often pre-heated with a heat gun, creating an additional procedure for the installer. Alternatively, if an electric groover is used to groove the linoleum down to the jute backing, the risk of damaging the rotary blade by hitting concrete, especially if the surface is not flat and smooth, is increased.

However, with the TURBO Marmo Groover, installers can groove linoleum in just two passes down to the jute backing.  Also, since the TURBO Marmo Groovers does not require electricity or emit dust or noise, this is the greenest grooving method, matching perfectly with greenness of linoleum.  

Welding the seam

In addition to the TURBO Marmo Groover, there is a full line of TURBO tools that make welding linoleum complete and permanent.  The TURBO Roller Guide is a self-guided attachment for the welder and guides the welder in grooves perfectly. The Super TURBO Nozzle distributes hot air evenly and vigorously to melt the welding area and welding thread while hot air thrusts through multiple pre-heating holes like a turbo jet.  The revolutionary design of the Super TURBO Nozzle makes it the fastest nozzle in the world, welding approximately 10’ per minute – three times faster than a conventional welding tip!  And lastly, the TURBO Caddy welding machine, which welds automatically at the speed of 12’ per minute, is a great time and pain saver for complex and time consuming projects that are often the case in healthcare environments.  


Turning Grout to GREAT

  It’s not often tile installation innovations deliver on all of their marketing promises and then some, but that’s exactly what Bostik’s TruColor® Pre-Mixed Grout does, according to Bouma Corp.’s Craig DeMonte, who is overseeing an enormous tile project at Michigan State University’s Secchia Center/College of Human Medicine under construction.

The seven-story, 180,000-square-foot structure, being erected by the Christman Company, will offer MSU medical students a state-of-the-art facility when it opens next summer. More than 50,000 square feet of tile will adorn the Secchia Center’s lobby and bathroom floors and walls.

All of the tile will be set using Bostik’s DURABOND D-65 High Performance & Non-Sag Mortar and D-70 ProFlex Mortar (both latex-modified formulations) and Bostik’s Mud-in-a-Bag sand-and-cement combo. Bostik’s TruColor technology will serve as the grout system.

“Going with Bostik for both the tile mortar and grout gives us the assurance of a complete system of tile installation solutions, built from the ground up to work together - and all backed by a global flooring leader and a 25-year complete system warranty,” DeMonte says.

 While DeMonte was quickly sold on the benefits of one-stop shopping and a complete tile installation system, he initially was skeptical of switching to Bostik’s new TruColor grout.

“Over my 20 years in the business, I’ve seen a number of new products come into the market, and I’ve learned to view them with a wary eye,” DeMonte says. “We’re hesitant to change from proven formulas we’ve always used - and rightfully so. Some manufacturers make claims about durability and ease-of-use, but they don’t always come to fruition.

“I am skeptical of new products over-promising and under-delivering-but Bostik’s TruColor Pre-Mixed Grout does quite the opposite,” DeMonte adds. “I was a little cautious at first, but I’ve since come to see the TruColor light.”    

Recent testing has confirmed that the Wagner Rapid RH™ Reader and Sensor give the fastest and most reliable results.

Wagner Electronics

  Wagner Electronics’ Rapid RH™ for Easy and Accurate Relative Humidity Testing in Concrete Slabs

    In order to prevent a moisture-related failure to a floor covering or coating installation, it is necessary to have the proper moisture level in the concrete slab.  Therefore, accuracy of the moisture readings is obviously critical.  With the increasing popularity of the scientifically superior in situ Relative Humidity testing method for concrete slabs, correct understanding of, and strict adherence to ASTM F2170-09 Standard Test Method for Determining Relative Humidity in Concrete Floor Slabs Using in situ Probes is very important.

Wagner Electronics’ Rapid RH™ is the newest generation of the F2170-09 test method with a design that has the actual sensor integrated into the insert.  The Rapid RH™ Smart Sensor design allows for depth-specific, accurate relative humidity measurement and therefore strict absolute adherence to the ASTM standard.  The Rapid RH™ design allows you to easily perform this test method correctly.

ASTM F2170-09 requires that relative humidity readings be performed at a depth equal to 40% of the thickness of the concrete (slab drying from one side; 20% if drying from two sides).  For example, if you have a 6-inch thick slab on grade, your holes must be drilled to a depth of 2.4 inches, cleaned-out very well and then the integrated sensor inserted into the hole. 

With your hole drilled to the correct depth, correct use of the Rapid RH™ method ensures that you are obtaining a reading at the correct depth of the concrete for every installation. Just drill the hole to the correct depth and insert the Rapid RH™ Smart Sensor to that depth.  The Rapid RH™ patented small dead volume design ensures conformance to the ASTM depth requirement while also providing very rapid equilibration times*.

Rapid RH™ sensors also come with a certificate of NIST**-traceable calibration.  Unlike other relative humidity test methods, you never need to be concerned with verifying calibration and the associated costs if you are using Wagner’s Rapid RH™ stay-in-place test.

*Section 10.3.4 of ASTM F2170-09 currently states: “Allow 72 hours to achieve moisture equilibrium within the hole before making relative humidity measurements.” Wagner’s Rapid RH™ patented design allows for obtaining readings in the first 15-20 minutes that will be within 2%-3% of the reading at 72 hours.  Generally, within one hour, Rapid RH™ Smart Sensors will be fully equilibrated, and remain so, but it is recommended that the ASTM F2170 specification is adhered to.

** NIST is the National Institute for Standards and Technology.  http://www.nist.gov/index.html

Custom Building Products

EASYMAT® Tile & Stone Underlayment

  EasyMat is a versatile mat underlayment for setting tile and stone over any acceptable subfloor. EasyMat is up to 4 times faster to install than backerboard and up to 25 times lighter. It cuts easily with a utility knife, doesn’t require any nails or screws, and comes in a peel & stick version. Protected by MoldGard® Technology to resist mold and mildew growth.

EasyMat was specially designed so that the mortar locks in, creating a bonded crack prevention system for subfloor movement up to 1/4” (6 mm). This bonded system will withstand repeated stress and still maintain its tenacious bond. It is a superior alternative to cork underlayments because it is mold and mildew resistant and will not rot, shrink, or absorb water. EasyMat has SoundGard® Technology, offering high and credible impact sound reduction.

Use EasyMat with other Custom® materials to qualify for a Lifetime Systems Warranty.

Use with these tile types:

• Ceramic tile, all types including impervious porcelain

• Natural stone

• Precast terrazzo tile

Use in these areas:

• Interior and exterior applications

• Concrete, mortar beds, masonry

• Lightweight concrete and/or air entrained concrete

• Primed gypsum underlayment (minimum 2000 PSI cured)

• Set tile and stone over any acceptable subfloor

• Up to 4 times faster to install than 1/4” backerboard – optional peel & stick version

• Up to 25 times lighter than 1/4” backerboard

• Cuts easily with a utility knife

• Mortar locks in to form a bonded crack prevention system

• No mechanical fasteners or tape needed

• High and reliable impact sound reduction

The Master's Touch

Invest in yourself, start a turnkey hard surface cleaning business with The Master’s Touch

  Imagine yourself owning a proven, high-demand business where nearly every customer becomes a repeat customer thanks to your patented, innovative technology. This is the opportunity being offered by The Master’s Touch hard-surface cleaning business. Their revolutionary products can effectively clean almost any solid, non-wood surface – including tile, concrete, slate, stone, epoxy-coated floors, bricks, limestone and travertine - in a fraction of the time it would take other contemporary cleaning systems. With a constant need for professional cleaning in the public and private sectors, Master’s Touch innovations are paying off big for opportunity seekers who want independence from the world of franchising.

The Master’s Touch business opportunity is built around the company’s advantage over others in the industry:  The patented system washes faster, dries faster and produces more impressive results than competitors.   The power of the business comes from versatility.  Part-time, full-time, as a business in itself, or to add to your existing company, The Master’s Touch system is knocking the competition dead on all levels.  The equipment involved in the Master’s Touch process is lightweight, durable, warranty-protected and features a variety of attachments that allow for easy cleaning of countertops and walls.  Tile and hard surfaces are more popular than carpet, and are getting more so. With larger houses, you have more hard surfaces and people want to protect their investments.

The Master’s Touch opportunity provides for a potential six-figure income with a minimal investment.  With financing and lease-to-own options available, most people are able to start with a small deposit and then pay the rest off as they start earning.  For those who want a more accurate portrayal of their prospective income, here are a few impressive numbers: The equipment can clean 500 to 1,000 square feet per hour, and business owners charge an average of 35 to 50 cents per square foot.  Most of the part-time business owners are earning an average of $4,000-$6,000 a month.  For the full-time owners, the sky’s the limit.

Yet another feature of The Master’s Touch opportunity is that there is little or no experience required to get started. 

Included with the cleaning system there is also a Web site that focuses on five key areas to further help business owners.  The site’s Learning Annex includes videos of training sessions for easy review, as well as audio versions that can be downloaded directly to an MP3 player.  The Network Plaza offers a chance for business owners to share ideas and techniques, while the Marketing Resources section includes access to worksheets for radio, TV and magazine ads, including professionally-produced and customizable spots.  There is also an online store to reorder supplies as you grow and a search engine for additional hard surface cleaning information.