Mohawk has announced seven new ways that Infinite Rewards Points participants can use accumulated points for including merchandise, training, business services, and donations to charities.

“Retailers and RSAs have opportunities to give us feedback on Mohawk Infinite Rewards, and we take their comments and look for ways to improve the program,” said Mike Zoellner, vp of Marketing Services for Mohawk. “We’ve made some significant changes in Mohawk Infinite Rewards for 2010, and we think people are going to find our program more rewarding than ever before.”

Zoellner said that Mohawk Infinite Rewards can now be used for:

Mohawk Ticket Center. Starting in April, Mohawk Infinite Rewards points can be redeemed through the Ticket Center for tickets to concerts, sporting events, museums and theater.

The Versatile credit kiosk. Proven to be one of the most effective ways to boost sales, the kiosk features a touch screen and built-in computer that allows the consumer, without store assistance, to apply for credit. An answer, either approved or not, is provided in seconds.

Mohawk University Courses. Mohawk U. has expanded its course offerings for 2010, including a comprehensive sales training program that can be done online, in-store without travel. Contact Mohawk University at 800-664-2958 or for details.

Mohawk Marketplace. Mohawk’s resource for Mohawk branded clothing and other items. Mohawk Infinite Rewards points can be used for employee uniforms and other business merchandise.

“Green” Merchandise. Mohawk Infinite Rewards now offers a collection of environmentally sound and sustainable items that can be ordered through the Infinite Rewards website. From solar powered products to the purchase of a TerraPass, Mohawk Infinite Rewards has an Awards Mall category dedicated to the green effort. Participants can even redeem their points for a Smartcar!

Non-Profit Organizations. Mohawk Infinite Rewards points can now be used to make donations to the Red Cross, United Way, and numerous other charitable organizations.

An Enhanced Online Rewards Mall. Mohawk has expanded its online “mall” for Mohawk Infinite Rewards, providing more electronics, jewelry, trips, sporting equipment, and other items.

Complete details are available at To enroll in Mohawk Infinite Rewards, visit or call 1-800-241-4900, prompt 4.