Cikel America, the U.S.-based subsidiary of the FSC-certified Brazilian hardwood flooring manufacturer, has announced a series of moves designed to streamline production and boost capacity for 2011.

Cikel will close its manufacturing facility in Southern Brazil and transfer the technology and machinery to its northern facility in Belem, the metropolitan center of Para State. Its offices and other functions in the south of Brazil will remain in operation.

The news is bolstered by Cikel’s disclosure of capital improvements in excess of USD $42 million to the northern facility - including upgrades in finishing capabilities, infrastructure and machinery - designed to boost capacity and production by 50% through 2011 and beyond.

With the major increase in production due largely to the transfer of finishing machinery in the south to the Belem facility, Cikel says it has plans to “match its new capabilities by doubling its harvesting efforts in the same year. The transfer to the northern facility provides additional value by moving the entire manufacturing process closer to the source, Cikel’s 1.2 million acres of privately-owned and FSC-managed forests in Brazil.”

The company adds that the “overhaul in production and transfer to Belem, along with planned upgrades to the surrounding infrastructure, will enhance logistics for Cikel with improved access to supply and faster, more direct transportation routes for distribution.”