The International Certified Floorcovering Installers Association (CFI) and World Floor Covering Association (WFCA) will conduct a Carpet Installation Inspector Workshop July 7-8 at the Fairfield Inn in Kansas City, Mo. Cost for the workshop is $560 for non-members, $495 for CFI or WFCA members.

Each attendee will receive the CFI Installation Inspector Resource Guide. Participants who successfully complete the final test become members of CFI and are listed on the Internet and in the printed annual directory as a “CFI Installation Inspector.”  Course Topics
  • Seam Construction in Various Types of Carpets – Procedures and Techniques
  • Powerstretching Techniques – Use of a Kneekicker - Restretch Procedures
  • Seam Sealers – Adhesives
  • Lighting Effects on Seaming - Seam Placement - Seam Peaking - Seaming Limitations
  • Stretch-in Over Cushion Installation Techniques and use of correct cushion
  • Direct Glue Installation - Double-Glue Installation - Attached Cushion Installation
  • The Importance of Understanding Carpet Backings
  • Professional Installation Requirements - Installation Checklist – Writing a report
  • How to Identify Installation-Related Problems
  • Pattern Matching - Bow-Skew-Pattern Elongation Diagrams – Pattern Identification - Correction of Patterned Carpet Problems

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