MAPEI announced its participation in the Global ReLeaf program at ribbon-cutting ceremony during the company’s press conference during Surfaces 2010. Pictured (L-R): Shawn Berriman, director of marketing, American Forests; Dr. Giorgio Squinzi, CEO of MAPEI Group; Luigi Di Geso, president of MAPEI Americas

From its more than 100 products that help contribute towards points in the USGBC’s LEED certification programs, MAPEI is focusing the spotlight on its ecologically friendly urethane wood adhesives manufactured with an innovative new technology. 

In January 2010 MAPEI, a world leader in the manufacture of adhesives, sealants and chemical products for the building industry, signed a partnership agreement to participate in the Global ReLeaf program with American Forests, the nation’s oldest citizen-based environmental organization. Environmental care means more to MAPEI than a simple image enhancer; rather, it is a fundamental part of the company’s philosophy, of its corporate commitment and of its industrial responsibility. For this reason, MAPEI works continuously on the development of products in aqueous dispersion formats and those which are solvent-free. Foremost in these efforts is MAPEI’s Ultrabond ECO ® line, a broad range of products with extremely low VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions for the installation of floor-covering materials of all types.

The latest addition to the Ultrabond ECO brand is MAPEI’s line of urethane wood-flooring adhesives. Phthalate-free formulations, based on the use of rapidly renewable materials, are being incorporated into Ultrabond ECO 995, Ultrabond ECO 990, Ultrabond ECO 980 and Ultrabond ECO 975 adhesives to provide a wide range of bonding systems for nail-free wood flooring. Virtually odor-free, these eco-friendly products help contribute to the attainment of LEED points for green building projects, specifically in the areas of indoor environmental quality related to low-emitting materials (IEQ Credit 4) and the use of rapidly renewable materials (MR Credit 6).

To celebrate the introduction of urethane wood adhesives into the Ultrabond ECO line, MAPEI is contributing $1 from each pail sold in 2010 to plant a tree via the Global ReLeaf program. “To underline our commitment to a greener environment, MAPEI has pledged a minimum of $200,000 in 2010 to American Forests through Global ReLeaf,” said Luigi Di Geso, President and CEO of MAPEI Americas. “As the construction industry begins its recovery from the current downturn, we want it to be a green recovery as well.” 

Gerry Gray, acting executive director of American Forests, congratulated MAPEI on its vision, saying, “We look forward to working with MAPEI this year. Their generous donation will help us plant 200,000 trees – that’s roughly enough to cover all 843 acres of New York City’s Central Park. When these trees are planted in our projects across the Americas, they will make a positive difference to the balance of many ecological systems.”